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JonoJosh – “Gold”

I wrote this song about the feelings you get when you’re swiping on Tinder. It can be thrilling when you see someone that you really wanna get to know. “GOLD” is all about finding love when you’ve given up on the idea.  

Sebastian Valiente and I co-produced the song. It was a quick, exciting process. We went into the studio and Sebastian started plugging away with the beat while I wrote the tune. Within an hour, the first draft was done! To be honest, very little changed from that recording to the final that you can hear today.

For years, I’ve performed as a dancer-choreographer alongside industry powerhouses including Marianas Trench, PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen, Janel Parrish, Kreesha Turner, and Kirk Franklin. Throughout all of this, my heart was always set on writing music. “JonoJosh

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Myles Lloyd – “Don Julio”

After earning his way on to the Spotify curated Fresh Finds and Just Vibing playlist, Canadian based artist Myles Lloyd returns with a new single called, “Don Julio” Doubling back “Don Julio” is a song that Myles describes, as heartfelt, being in love and how getting hurt isn’t easy. “Don Julio is about losing but more so leaving a person you once loved.” he said. Realizing what one will say when under fire, anger and hate vs when they’re now missing your company. Taking a step back from the toxic situation; opening my eyes and taking a sip came in the form of this song. This track continues Myles’ tradition of working with his best friend frnchhmwrk who produced his last single “Let You down” .

San Francisco Rapper Lil Pete Drops New Video “Toast”

San Francisco rising rap star Lil Pete just dropped his new single and video “Toast.” The release serves as an early birthday celebration for Pete, he turns 23 this Saturday, and the track also commemorates his come up. The video is directed by Adrian Per and was filmed at a mansion on the California coast. This is the second single from Pete’s debut album HARDAWAY. The video for the project’s first single, “Honest,” was released last month and passed a million views in less than two weeks.

Lil Pete “Honest” (Official Video)

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@mryolay4l – “Abandon Me”

Recently rapper Mr. Yola released his new song “Abandon Me” which is now at over 130,000 steams on Spotify in just a few months. 

On the track Mr. Yola has the ladies in his thoughts as the song examines the role that women play in our world and how they are often mistreated. 
“I wanted to rap about this issue because we don’t give the females enough credit for what they do in the world.  To see women being abducted, misused, mistreated and every other thing in the book it shows what kind of men we have in this world. Then what makes it worse is the issue is being ignored,” Mr Yola explained. 

Where did Mr. Yola get this keen understanding of women’s rights and need for equality? Rapper Mr. Yola was born in New York and raised in Kentucky aka “The Bluegrass State” where he honed his rapping skills and developed a passion for music recording, engineering and producing. 

Drawing musical inspiration from Cassidy, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake, rock outfit The Frey and dubstep music, Mr. Yola says his musical interests and inspiration is “all over the place.” But what really got things going was the gift of a laptop from his older brother. From there Mr. Yola kicked off his rap career with a group called Y4L and penned on of his first song, “Pretty Thangs” to critical acclaim locally. 

“As a kid I used to listen to my brother make lots of music until he handed me a laptop said ‘I need beats,'” Yola explained.  

“Mind you, I’m just starting to grow my followers and streams are not even up yet ’cause we was still learning. One year later form when I started, we drop Abandon Me and in one-and-a-half months it gets over 100,000 stream.” Mr. Yola said.  “So many people love the song cause you can feel it, you can hear it, not someone talking trashy, just some old school vibes and a new generation wave. That’s what I call it, you definitely gotta check Abandon Me out.”

Young Lyxx – Trap Line Bling (feat. Jazze Pha) [Prod By Jazze Pha]

Young Lyxx is back in full effect releasing his latest solo single of the year entitled “Trap Line Bling”. This single is produced and features by Grammy Award winning super producer Jazze Pha and is also their first collab together with more work to come. This collab is a hard hitting bass heavy anthem wih both Lyxx and Jazze Pha playing off of each others vibe. This is preceding Lyxx’s upcoming project “Hittin Lyxx’ which will be out on August 2. The single is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Hiram – “Somebody Like Me”

Hiram is an Eritrean American singer/songwriter representing Cincinnati, Ohio. Her deeply rooted passion for music began at a young age and as time passed, she started creating her own music. Looking to influence and build up a nation of strong women, Hiram turns to music to help with her mission. To kick off the Summer vibes, she unveils new visuals for her single, “Somebody Like Me.”  The sassy single is about an independent woman that knows her worth, and the value she holds. The infectious beat is met with very direct lyrics: “I know you want me, but do you deserve me?” 

Cam Be feat. Add-2, Natalie Oliveri – “7”

“7” the second video from Cam Be’s “7 Steps to 7” produced by Slot-A (Executive producer of Jamila Woods ‘LEGACY! LEGACY!) and Cam Be. Featuring Add-2 formerly of 9th Wonder’s Jamla label and the soulful Natalie Oliveri. Video Directed by Cam Be (Director of Rapsody’s ‘Power’ and Talib Kweli’s ‘Every Ghetto’). 7 is a filled with realness and soul with a sound reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop.

DJ Fhedesh – “Night Sermon”

With aims to appease his rapidly growing cult of devoted witchhouse fans, EDM Producer/DJ Fhedesh returns with a cryptic visual for his blood thirsty listeners.

Inspired by vampirism, wild sexuality and the exploration of creative expression, Fhedesh has drawn from various forms of the ancient practice to find his own experimental sound.

“This song is more of my sound, the last song was one that I creatively wanted to get out, but this one leads along the lines of more witchhouse music, a sound that I’ve really been pushing here in LA,” Fhedesh said.

Providing the musical backdrop for those inclined towards dark forms of expression and creativity like vampirism, Fhedesh has found his niche but the listener base is growing rapidly with fans from EDM, Rock and Hip-Hop all taking note of his experimental musical style.

“I’m learning that my sound is what’s called experimental, and I think that fits with my fans because they are all about having an experience, and I think that my shows really do that as you can see in his visual,” he said.

In the visual Fhedesh performs his song “Night Sermon” for a group of his closest friends and fans. Lit by candles and clouded by various visual effects Fhedesh proves once again that his music sets an unprecedented vibe, that’s unlikely to be duplicated by any artist in this era of music.

“After dark people feel more free to explore their mischievous desires, freeing themselves from the weight of their day and routine. I would like to think my music plays a role in freeing people by providing a melodious, yet dark and aggressive musical backdrop for their experience.”

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Bolo3k – “Trappin Memories”

Putting his whole North Philly hood on his back, Bolo3K launches his new music video for the song, “Trappin Memories.”
Picking up a microphone just 8 months ago, Bolo3K has been working at a furious pace having shot more than 15 music videos for his songs since he began rapping less than a year ago. 
“Basically I started like 8 months ago, I went to the studio and started doing songs. I wanted to do videos for them so I found a camera man and I put everything together myself.   Ever since then I got about 15 visuals in 8 months. I just been working and grinding and I enjoy doing it. It’s authentic – it’s all me,” Bolo3k said.
Hoping to make an impact on the Philly rap scene where artists like Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert have thrived over the past few years,  Bolo3k understands he has some catching up to do as some rappers have been rapping their whole lives. But just this year alone, Bolo has released two projects, Rappers Dream and most recently Zone20, proving he has an uncanny work ethic that relates to the hood. 
“The Philly rap scene has a lot of talent. Theres guys that have been doing it for years and it’s a tough city so nobody is cutting you any slack. You got a few guys that are the top artists in the world with guys like Uzi and Meek, so I’m just trying to keep pushing and earn my respect,” Bolo3k said. 
Describing his music as confident, militant rap, Bolo3K is proud of the fact that he’s from the trenches and rough streets of North Philly. 
“Its just me man, it’s confidence, it’s militant rap. It’s the story of a guy from the trenches. I’m not the guy with the colorful dreads and tats and all that,” Bolo3k explained. “But I got a real story and people from my hood are responding to the message, it’s amazing to see so many people respond.”

Gearing up for his homecoming show on June 22, Bolo3k is expecting a few major celebrities to show up and represent at the mixtape release party.
“I do it for the hood man, like Jeezy said. I’m just working hard and striving to be great. I’m putting all this energy into this rap music and I know it could work, so I do it for my people. I tell the story of the hood and I give my vision of the hood,” Bolo3k explained.  “I’m on my way – I started my own little label, my clothing line and I’ve been on a few podcasts lately. I’m working everyday.”