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2018 sure has been a strong year for Mississippi-based MC Willie D. Tha Kang. It seems as though he’s been right there every time with a new jam when things start to feel a bit mundane. From G.P., to “Weigh It Is” and every other release Willie D. makes it hard to forget about him and his knack for laid-back flows.

Today is no different as he keeps his momentum going with “N II”. With summer winding down this one should do a good job of keeping the parties to close out the season going strong. A piece of bouncing production lays the foundation as Willie falls into it’s pockets perfectly on the infectious hook and witty verses. Houston’s own King $upreme joins him on the track, forming the duo of A.B.$. (All Bout Stacks).

This is King $upreme’s first time back on the scene since the release of 2016’s power moves EP, making it a comeback of sorts for the Texan. With this collaborative effort the duo look to pick back up right where they left off. Their chemistry is apparent on first listen, as the longtime friend’s show styles on the record that mesh effortlessly. If you’re looking for something that’ll get your head nodding this is the one for you. Stream “N II” below now.

Lil Ugly Toes (@liluglytoes) – “Fuck the Opps”

Up and coming rapper Lil Ugly Toes is prepping the release of his song “Fuck the Opps” (Prod by JuiceRose). 

Since getting the Adam 22 co-sign and premiering his “Fuck 12” video on No Jumper’s YouTube Channel, Lil Ugly Toes has racked up over half-a-million views on his visuals including the Elevator premiered video “Two.”

Most recently, Lil Ugly Toes continued to build his internet presence with the bass heavy screamo friendly track “Bheeep” using world renown Hip-Hop staple WorldStarHiphop.com as the outlet for his release.

“In a lot of my newer projects I’m trying to dig deeper into my feelings and express the things that I’ve been going through more,” Lil Ugly Toes explained. “The big homie Triston (@thereddwarfs) shot the video. I met Triston through another friend when shooting my first music video for the song Two.” 

Known as “Toes” amongst close friends and labelmates, the 6’4” rapper began his career in the state of Indiana being influenced by Biggie, Chief Keef and Metallica, but ultimately realized that he needed to move to Los Angeles to further pursue his goals of commercial success. 

“I believe that I am the next wave, people gravitate to what I’m doing and I have put myself on another coast away from my family and everything I know strictly to reach my goals. I bet it all on me when I came to LA,” LilUgly Toes said.

In 2018, Lil Ugly Toes formed a partnership with Hollywood, California based record label Starboss.   Building brick by brick from their multi-level studio and compound, “Toes” embodies every bit of Larry Bird’s Indiana State days hooping with friends in between studio sessions and video shoots.  

Major The General – “Street Fighter G”

Minneapolis artist, Major The General, drops off a new DJ Cam Jones exclusive with his newest hitter, “Street Fighter G.”

The midwest emcee shows off his lyricism by dropping bar after bar over the melodic bass-thumping production. 

With DJ Cam Jones working his magic on the track as well, it’s needless to say that Major G can add this cut to his long list of bangers. 
Check out, “Street Fighter G,” below, and listen to more music from Major The General via SoundCloud.


Taylor J – “Jumanji (Video)”

This is Taylor J’s first official single off of his upcoming new album, Roses.

Trending on both Spotify and Audiomack playlists, “Jumanji,” is just another crucial record Taylor can add to his long list of hitters. 

Definitely stay tuned for more new music as Taylor J has more heat coming as we wait until the November release of Roses

In the meantime, watch the official video for, “Jumanji,” below. 


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Sean Cole – “New York (Video)”

Since dropping his hit single, “New York,” about a year ago, LA representer, Sean Cole, finally blesses us with the official visual for the track.

As Sean Cole takes on this solo cameo we get to enjoy his catchy lyricism while vibin’ out to the smooth banger… this one is definitely for the ladies.

Watch the official video below, and be sure to stay tuned for more music from Sean Cole  via his SoundCloud.


PH4DE Release New Project, ‘Anæstesia’

After linking up with Trae The Truth on ‘Inception’ a couple weeks back, PH4DE returns with the release of his brand new project, Anæstesia.

Coming in with 15 tracks, the project is executively produced by AIRON, who has produced every song ever dropped by PH4DE, and features contributions from Lil’ Wayne, Trae Tha Truth, Emilio Rojas, Cryptic Wisdom, and several others.

Stream below.

Judson Wright – I Ran

As one of Mississippi’s fastest rising singers Judson Wright has impressed with strong releases since bursting onto the scene as a soloist earlier in 2018. His unique blend of genres shines brightly with everything he touches and his new single “I Ran” is another testament to this versatility. This go around he delves deeply into his feelings on “I Ran”.

“I Ran” is a song from a place of discontent. The singer is fed up and walking out of a relationship. Judson embodies the emotions of the character through melodies reminiscent of the 808s-MBDTF Kanye. His fillers harken to the mmmyeahs of Kid Cudi. Unlike the vocal work, the music is less genre-specific. The guitar is reflective of Zenyatta Mondatta era Police riffs. The seamless atmosphere of the track is credited to the years of experience Judson has in the production of his own sound. I Ran is best to listen to in your car at night.

The somber single that is “I Ran” marks the third release from Judson Wright following “Palm Trees” and “Original”. It can be found on all streaming services now.

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FlyKingi – “SuperFLY”

This past Saturday, the self-proclaimed first openly gay battle rapper, FlyKingi is dropping a new single called “SuperFLY” from his upcoming project The King in I.

After making appearances on the Bad Girls Club, Power 106 and with an upcoming appearance on MTV for a Nick Cannon show, FlyKingi feels the timing is perfect for his new single “SuperFLY”. While he’s found his way to TV on several occasions with ease, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for FlyKingi as he has pursued his dreams of finding success in Hip-Hop while breaking barriers.

“I started rapping in High School in the 90’s, I used to rap in cyphers back when that was popular. After high school I joined a rap group, but that didn’t pan out, so I did my own thing for my first solo mixtape which was hosted by I Love New York from Vh1 fame. Now just a few years later I’m about to release another project called the King and I. I’ve always been very inspired by Hip-Hop, from the industry, to battle rapping, I love the culture, so it’s dope to get the response that I’ve gotten lately with my music by building up my battling skills,” FlyKingi said.

FlyKingi rose to prominence on the LA battle rap scene via Grind Time’s Rap Battle League, but it was just a few years later that FlyKingi was battling rapper after rapper on the LA Battle Groundz rap circuit.

Taking on opponents in the face of what he calls “blatant homophobia,” FlyKingi impressed the judges and built a name for himself on L.A.’s battle rap scene with clever lyrics and a good sense of humor that eventually got him booked across the map.

“I always was a fan of battle rap from Smack to King of the Dot. After watching videos on YouTube and going to battles for a year or so to get the hang of things, I decided to try it out,” FlyKingi explained. “Then after I joined a few battles I was getting booked in San Francisco and LA and I got my chance to battle on LA Battle Groundz,” he said.

“I was becoming the first LGBT battle rapper, that was openly gay. Others aren’t out yet and I began to get a lot of opportunities because I was out. So it just became this thing to where recently I did a battle with eHart and it was featured on World Star Hip-Hop. It was the first time that an openly gay rapper had their battle featured on World star,” FlyKingiexplained.

While he also knows that he has a lot of work ahead to reach his goals, it’s clear breaking barriers is what FlyKingi does, so expect to hear more from him in the coming weeks and months as he appears on MTV and on the battle rap circuit.

Ezzy Money

[New Music] Ezzy Money ft Lil Baby “2 Official” DJ Pack

Huntsville, AL native Ezzy Money has made a name for himself over the past year, surprisingly not on the music scene but in the new car culture phenomenon known as Big Wheel Racing where drivers race tricked out Donks. Currently holding an undefeated record in Atlanta, Ezzy’s car of choice is a 1966 Chevy Impala SS on 26 inch Forgiato rims with 1000+ Horse Power.

For his latest release, Ezzy Money teams up with Lil Baby for “2 Official” — a deliberate, billowing single that finds the two rappers flexing about their lifestyles. Upon hitting play, it’s clear “2 Official” is an instant hit that will be on repeat throughout the streets across the country.

This is just a small sample of what’s to expect from Ezzy Money’s new EP Alabama Raised, Atlanta Paid, which just dropped today and is available on all platforms featuring production from Buddha Bless, OG Geek, and Bugatti On Da Beat.


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