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Music Talk –

Coast 2 Coast LIVE Adds $50,000 Prize for Top Indie Artist in 2019

“The Largest Artist Showcase in the World, Coast 2 Coast LIVE, has just added a $50,000 Cash Prize for the top indie artist of 2019. Cutting through the scams, Coast 2 Coast LIVE offers genuine opportunities for indie artists to win prizes and cash.

The Largest Artist Showcase in the World, Coast 2 Coast LIVE, has just added a $50,000 Cash Prize for the top indie artist of 2019! The event company has been in business for over 10 years and hosts over 30 showcases every month in 50 cities and 8 countries around the world. Aspiring artists can sign up for an event near them at 

Coast 2 Coast LIVE has toured with reputable artists such as Red Cafe, N.O.R.E, Cyhi The Prynce, Freeway, Tone Trump, Crooked I and more. There are hundreds of Platinum Producers, Radio DJs and Major Label Executives who have judged the showcases. Check out this video to hear from a few of them:

Coast 2 Coast LIVE also presents special events during larger festivals for indie artists. During these events Coast 2 Coast has brought out some of Hip Hop’s finest including Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Too Short, B.O.B, Scotty ATL, Freeway, Gunplay, Tracy T, Zoey Dollaz and more. Here is a video of Wiz Khalifa speaking to the independent artists in the crowd at a Coast 2 Coast show:

Coast 2 Coast is all about giving big opportunities to indie artists. Artists who have performed on Coast 2 Coast stages on the way to success include YFN Lucci, 2 Chainz, Lil Mosey, Lil Tjay, Snootie Wild, Tone Trump and more. Artists looking to tour with Coast 2 Coast LIVE have done so to expand their brand and work with a reputable company in an industry where scams and fraud are rampant. The Largest Artist Showcase In The World has stood up to its name and reputation as a great outlet for independent artists to be heard as well as gain feedback on their performances. See the full Coast 2 Coast LIVE event schedule at



HillTop Hype| Meet: Soul Vybe Cutta

• Soul Vybe Cutta •

Multi-talented recording artist, Soul Vybe Cutta, from the the small town of Camilla, Georgia, is best known for his cleverly written storytelling.

Besides his natural passion for music, multiple hardships such as: homelessness, close family deaths, substance abuse, and depression have also inspired Cutta to channel his pain through writing and making music.

With new music soon to come, I got a chance to ask Soul Vybe Cutta a few questions.

Who is Soul Vybe Cutta!? Describe yourself as in artist in 3 words.

– “I would describe myself as: abstract, devoted, and melodic.”

We know that you’ve dealt with many personal hardships growing up, such as, substance abuse & depression —  how did you use music to cope with those hardships?

– “I wrote my way out of my hardships, as if they were affirmations to remind myself that I was greater than, and never less than anything that attempted to over take my mind and life as a whole.”

With that being said, what is your goal as an artist? What message are you inevitably trying to get across to your fans? 

– “My goal is to inspire those who need inspiration and to let them know that any great vision that God has placed in them is possible.”

Your military background has opened doors for you to travel the world — and on top of that, we know you now just travel for fun & for inspiration — what has been your favorite destination so far, and why? 

– Europe as a whole, but if I have to choose, Im going to go with the Netherlands because of the free spirited lifestyle; their admiration for nature, and landscapes of serene scenery.”

Where’s some places you haven’t gone yet that are on your bucket list?

– “Thailand and Egypt .” 

Currently you reside in Germany. Seeing that you’re originally from Camilla, Georgia — What is it like living in a place so culturally different from what you’re “use” to? 

– “It’s initially a major culture shock, but once you make it past the language and cultural barriers, you begin to realize that there really isn’t a difference at the core of every new place visited.”

We like to ask everybody this one… Who are your top 5 musical inspirations? Dead or alive. 

“Jay-Z; Micheal Jackson; Cee-lo Green; Outkast; [and] B.O.B. “

With 5 projects under your belt, which one was your favorite to work on and why?”

– “The Project that I am currently working on for later this year. I have more creative control with producing a lot of the songs on the project, and also these opportunities being the exact things I have always prayed to experience.”

Now we know you got a brand new project on the way, do we get any type of exclusive preview? — Name of the project, concept, estimated release date? Or do we just have to wait and see!? 

– “I have already let too much out of the goodie bag already.”

What can Soul Vybe Cutta fans (and perspective fans) look forward to from you in 2019!? 

Vyber Musiq Vol.1” is out on April 15th on our website: WWW.SOULVYBEMedia.COM.”


So there you go! A rising artist who’s just trying to make way to his fans through his music and personal revelations. Check out the exclusive releases below, and stay tuned for Vyber Musiq Vol.1 on the way!


“Misunderstood Past”




ATL Representer, RE ILL, Releases New Album #LOVE On Pre-Sale & Announces Official Release Date

North Carolina native – now residing out of Atlanta, Georgia – RE Ill, shares with us the official announcement of his forthcoming album, #LOVE.

#LOVE is a genre breaking project, which combines Hip-Hop, Pop, Trap, R&B, EDM, & Dancehall vibes just to name a FEW! 

The various types of music correlates with everybody around the world, which also translates the idea that no matter who you are, where you are, or what type of music you listen to, the LOVE for music is universal. 

With that, Re Ill, just wants to spread positive vibes through his music and encourage his listeners to do the same. 

Order the highly anticipated project, #LOVE, Available On iTunes Here!

Expected Release Date is May, 20th.

iTunes Pre-Sale Link:

Google Play Pre-Order Link:


HillTop HYPE|East Coast Collective Covenant Government Signs Distribution Deal With Roc Nation

Covenant Government at NYC’s Power 105.1

After weeks of project releases – The groups collab project, Annuit Coeptis, and Young Scoop’s, Hor d’oeurve – East Coast Collective, Covenant Government, officially signs a much deserved distribution deal with Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution.

The team has already been on a whirlwind of radio interviews with Power 105’s EmEz, NBA Nothin’ But Net Radio‘s – DJ Nolita, and WVIP 93.5’s – DJ Wayne Pow.

Sensei Feng Xhui’s upcoming project, NEWD, and Relz’s upcoming project, Life’s A Beach, are slated to be the first releases under the new deal coming this April, so stay tuned!


HillTop HYPE: Let’s Get To Know Miala & The Inspiration Behind Her New Single #FNF

Rising R&B star, Miala, delivers a very unique and creative visual for her hit single, “FNF.”

We get a glimpse into the posh universe that Miala calls home, all in the mist of being touch by her sultry vocals and majestic rhymes.

Whether down on earth, or in space, Miala refuses to deal with any type of f*ck n*gga, and with that we get a new anthem to remind us ladies of what we deserve when it comes to love.

Watch the official animated video for #FNF below, and listen to more music from Miala via SoundCloud.

Video: Miala – “FNF”

Let’s get to know Miss Miala…

Who is Miala? Describe yourself & your artistry in 3 words. 

“Miala is creative, unpredictable, and intelligent!”

You definitely have a different vibe, what inspires your individuality?

“I really just try to dig deep focus on true artistry, and creativity to deliver something beautiful when it comes to my music. It’s what I think is missing in the industry right now.”

You’re obviously not from here (earth) — how is life in outer space? By the way, we hope they make them all like you up there! [heart eyes]

“[lol!] Haha, they definitely do, did you see my alien friends in the FNF video? And what’s it like … hmmm you would have to see it to believe it :).”

What’s the inspiration behind your new hit, “FNF?”

“The inspiration was for me to be as far as possible from earth so I could be FNF, so what better place to go than outer space. And the best way to accomplish that with all the details was to animate the video. Which I’m very proud of!”

Miala – “FNF”

We love the concept for your animated video for #FNF — what other dope releases do you have in store for us in 2019?

I have sooo many dope visuals coming out I’m so eager to get them done to share them.

IG: @Mialadoche_

HillTop HYPE Exclusive Interview: Meet ATL Artist ‘Chosen Fate’

Atlanta, GA Artist: Chosen Fate

Recently, I had the pleasure to get to know rising Atlanta, Georgia artist, Chosen Fate. We’re starting to see a new wave of lyrically conscious rappers, and Chosen Fate is here to make hip-hop music his stomping ground and prove that he’s not just going to be a one hit wonder, but an artist who can hopefully inspire others to be themselves in this generation of pretentious posers.

Who is Chosen Fate…? Though it seems pretty self-explanatory, what is the meaning behind the name? 
“Chosen Fate is James Stephens (lol)”

As a multi talented artist, we know that playing the piano is your secret weapon… does that mean you produce your own beats too? 

Who are you top 5 musical inspirations? Dead or alive. No specific order. 
“Stevie Wonder, James E. Stephens (Dad), Timberland, Pretty much everything I can get my hands on.”

Now, who is one person in the game right now that you just “have” to work with, and why?
“I would say I would love to work with a few people that I feel are similar to me and that would be: J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, and Logic. These artists have all made positive songs in a way that I have found amazing.”

For those who haven’t listened to your new project, Come By Here, — what are 3 words to describe it? 
“Inspiring, different, and educational.”

With that being said, what was the inspiration behind creating this project? What message are you trying to get across? 
“Well, Come By Here, is an album from the people’s perspective meant to motivate us to do something with our lives and also to paint a picture of how we deal with one another to motivate change. And I named it “Come By Here” to inspire people to be better and to learn to love each other no matter the color of their skin.”

What is it all for? Be honest. Some people are about this “music life” for the fame and fortune, essentially trying to make a career out of it, which is understandable; but some use music solely for a release, and whatever manifests from that is just more so a blessing… —What does being a music artist mean to you?
“I love music and I believe that music is a tool to use for whatever you want to use it for whether it be good or bad and I choose to use it for good.”

What’s in store for Chosen Fate? What can we look forward to from you in 2019? 
“I don’t know wait and see!” 

So I guess we’ll wait and see… Stay tuned!

Stay Connected:


Chosen Fate Records
Official Spotify Link

Official YouTube Link

Ervin Mitchell & Reggie Ran$om Share Cover Art & Official Track-List To DOUBLE DRAGON EP

Atlanta representer, Ervin Mitchell, and fellow rapper, Reggie Ran$om, share the official cover art and track-list to their collab project titled, Double Dragon.

The title, art, concept and emphasis on lyrics are all inspired by the 90’s video game and rap culture. 

Learn more about the soon to be released EP and life as Ervin Mitchell in his latest sit down interview with Eve Zaidan.

The 7-song EP is NOW available for pre-save at

Available everywhere, February 22nd! 


#HillTopHYPE Exclusive | East Coast Collective ‘Covenant Government’ Talk Their: Newly Released ‘Annuit Coeptis’ Album, Goals For 2019, The Process Behind Working On A Group Project & MORE

ALBUM: Covenant Government – “Annuit Coeptis”

After just a week off of the release of their second collaborative group project, Annuit Coeptis, I tapped in with the Cov Gov team to talk about the response from their new album, their goals for the new year, and how they each feel about working in a group dynamic.

The Album, Annuit Coeptis — Latin for “Providence favors our undertakings” — is another spiritual and social honest piece from Cov Gov proving their versatile and vital approach to rap about the topics that often get lost in translation.

Always honest and transparent with their fans… here’s what the group had to say:

Describe the album, Aunnit Coeptis, in three words…

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Free-spirited; Fun-spirited; Progressive”
Nalo: “Lyrical; Diverse; and Classic

Now with that being said, what was the inspiration behind making the, Annuit Coeptis, project the official CØV group project?

Nalo: The collection of artists… each is great in their own lane. So to see us come together successfully is a good move for hip-hop as a whole.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “With politics becoming more synonymous with entertainment, it was only right that [we] as musicians make more music to reflect these times.”

You guys have always meshed well as a group, while also knowing how to separate your solo careers… how difficult — or easy was it getting every member on the same page for this group project? (Studio time, Tracklist Arrangement, Choosing an album cover, etc.)

Relz: “Whenever you have a collection of solo artists/different personalities with conflicting schedules – it’ll never be easy, because things might take a little longer than expected, or you may not agree on certain things. However, it teaches you how to compromise. That’s the beauty of being on a team… taking the different opinions in the creative process & then coming on one accord to create a masterpiece.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “OH BOY! It is heaven and hell! Always competitive! Mainly because we try to bring out the best in each other. Everybody has their own process, but no matter what the end result is always the most important part. When we disagree on details, we find common ground on the intentions. As far as the solo part, it’s easier to be free when you’re apart of a great collective.”

Young Scoop: It was fun for me to work on this project, I like the competition, but being in covenant, you do a verse one day and it’s gone the next.” – Scoop says jokingly.

Hazy: “Let’s just start off by saying – I hated the cover for the record; but everyone that listened to it likes it so far… I think the hardest part of doing group projects is that we’re in different states so scheduling is always going to be an issue with working on tracks.”

Be honest! What’s everyone’s favorite single on the album? 

Relz: “So much love!”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Spooky Times” because it has a menacing type of energy… Like a horror movie feel. Like the horror of reality.”

Young Scoop: “Sight..” telling people it’s more than what your two eyes see.”
Coincidentally Hazy agrees…
Hazy: Definitely “Spooky Times,” I should have been on that, right after Scoop.

I’m sure everyone is also wondering, when can we expect some new visuals from, Annuit Coeptis

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Coming sooner or never (said sarcastically).”

Just in 3 days, the project received more than 3,000 streams via Spotify. What are y’all numbers looking like now as we officially hit one week? — Was this response more or less than what you were expecting?

Sensei Feng Xhui: “We’re quickly approaching 10k. We knew the potential of the group as soon as we came together.”

Last, but not least! What’s next for Covenant Government? What major moves can we expect from the group and its’ members in 2019? 

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Young Scoop’s project is next! Then Relz! Then the rest of the squad! Y’all can expect more videos, more thoughts, more energy, more vibes, more content, and all of the above!”

Be sure to stay connected with Covenant Government as we wait for new music to come. 

Follow the group via all major social media and music streaming platforms.



(Annuit Coeptis Available HERE)
Covenant Government

YOU’RE INVITED: The Beat Auction Atlanta Hosted by DJ Holiday

Have you ever wanted to work with a high-profile producer?
Well here’s your chance!

This Tuesday DJ Holiday hosts this year’s ‘Beat Auction Atlanta,’ event where grammy winning/nominated producers such as – Zaytoven, Drummer Boy, Kenny Bartolomei (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League), Anonxmous, Black Metaphor, J Beatzz and many others, will be auctioning their beats for a discounted rate.

Not only are artists getting a chance to break into the industry with quality production, but the evening will shine light on the Music Education Group – “A Non Profit Organization that was formed to bring music, film and digital media-based education to underserved youth and provide every child in Metro Atlanta with an equal opportunity for music education.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity obtain exclusive beats and gain more exposure to your music, all the while helping fund music education for the young community eager to learn more about the industry. 

WHEN: 11/13/2018 – Tuesday 

RSVP TO BEATAUCTION@TMI.WORLD for official Location & Time details! 

Ervin Mitchell – “Let There Be Light (EP)”

Ervin Mitchell – Let There Be Light

Atlanta representer, Ervin Mitchell, drops off his brand new 4-track project titled, Let there be light.

Below you can read about the process and inspiration behind the project, and also get a few more gems from Ervin as he opens up about his come up and future goals.

Twitter: @Realervmitchell

Check out this interview as Ervin Mitchell sits down with content creator, Ras Asan Olugbenga, as he talks personal life, career, and his newest project, Let There Be Light.

Ras: So jumping straight into it – Your “village” plays a role in who you are and your perspective on the world. I know you’re from Memphis and an ATL transplant, and I know we got some Louisiana in there too. So what’s that about?

Ervin: Let’s go there! (laughs) I was born in Mississippi. My family is super southern. I don’t know if i ever told you this, but my grandma went to high school with Nas’ daddy. Crazy, right? They moved to Louisiana because she was a teacher. My granddaddy was a teacher as well. That’s already my foundation, a family of teachers. When I got home my grandma had us listening to hooked on phonics and my mom always encouraged creativity.  I don’t know if my mom did it intentionally, but I grew up watching a lot of tv and it showed me what the outside world was like. And that was more real to me than anything. I wouldn’t say my environment was super violent or anything, but doing well was just having a job and going to work everyday. 

Ras: You know, TV being more real to you than your environment makes me think about the album artwork and why you chose to use a disney influenced graphic. The artist who grows up is the child that didn’t die in adulthood. As an artist you were able to go into a creative profession and hold onto your imagination. That’s tight.

Ervin:I feel like that’s what molded me. People may feel how they feel about Walt Disney as a person or whatever but I don’t really judge people because it’s about the era they came up in. If you grow up in a certain era, you feel certain things are right or wrong. Like now, people will look back on this time and think “what was wrong with them? It’s so archaic.” You know? But whatever that man created, God sent it for the world. Disney was such a big company and it seems they really brought in people who cared about the stories that were being told. From the visual aspect, to the musical aspect, to the storylines or whatever – it was real to me. I felt like watching those movies showed life at a fundamental level. It was clean ’cause it was for children, but the things they were touching on was real stuff people are kind of afraid to touch on. As a kid, I was always deep. People always said I was too deep. But as a kid I always felt like the average person wasn’t thinking about anything at all. Imagination is everything. I was reading something and it said imagination is God. And if you really think about it, imagination is everything. Everything that exists came from somebody’s imagination. 

Ras: Yeah, yeah! And it’s funny you say “imagination is everything” and that’s the stuff anyone can relate to. A lot of people don’t know, of course, you’re college educated, graduated from Morehouse with a degree in Philosophy. Is that something you went into college knowing you wanted to study? Coming from the southern tradition of teachers and those who are naturally inclined and paid to give out wisdom, I definitely see and hear that in your music. So where did studying philosophy come in at?

Ervin: That’s interesting. I never made that correlation of studying philosophy and my upbringing because it wasn’t intentional. But that’s interesting because it’s kind of like  – I feel like once you set yourself on a certain path and commit to it you won’t stray from it. Something keeps you on a certain line. I started as political science major and my dad said why don’t you go to law school. I wanted to do music but hadn’t fully committed to it. I wasn’t really feeling political science. I like history but i never liked the number part. Why do I need to remember this date when I remember the event? Come to find out lawyers use philosophy and anybody can use it… 

Ras: Right, because it’s the base of all sciences, you know what I’m saying? Or anything that you’re studying, on some “How do we know what we know?” Type shit. You know what I mean? 

Ervin: Yeah people don’t like to figure things out and with a Philosophy degree it’s not  particular path or route to go down so it’s kind of shunned. So I was going to go to law school but I just decided to stick with the music man. 

Ras: Word. So the title of the tape is…? 

Ervin: Et Facta Est Lux. “Let there be light”, in latin.  

Ras:  Word so on one hand thats the motto for Morehouse College. And when they use it they’re talking to a specific audience but this mixtape man, who are you talking to? Let there be light for whom? And what is “light”? 

Ervin: I’m glad you asked that because I was very specific with that title because being that I went to Morehouse I love what it has historically stood for. I felt like the true innovators in this generation, or not even innovators,  but there’s so many people that are misrepresented or not represented at all in this society, you know? I feel like somewhere like Morehouse is supposed to be about innovation, and revolution, and progressing. I don’t feel like I saw enough of that. I saw really more conformity than anything. But the ideals and the experience still meant so much to me because I knew it was a god sent place. 

For the audience, or if you listen to the music, um, it may be different from what a person might expect, but it’s exactly what it needs to be. You know? And I was speaking to those people, that may have felt like, “Okay, I know I’m supposed to be here, but I don’t have a community”. Or a “tribe”, like you say. And if you truly innovating its a lonely road. And in this society, especially as black people trying to make our mark in the world, we actually have that opportunity because technology and different things have evened the playing field for everyone, you know, I’m sure you’re aware of that. But it’s still like people are so attached to old ideas.  But people like me want to push forward because you see what we’re capable of, but they don’t see it at all and it’s more of them than you. So the idea was basically for people to have this new mentality, where they may be considered ahead of their time or whatever, but really people say these things and they create these false ideals like “he’s ahead of his time” or this or that. But really I don’t believe that. 

Ras: I dig that. It’s about being in the present moment because everything happens when it’s supposed to. 

Ervin: Yea, exactly. 

Ras: So, like most of us, you came up with christian roots. And a lot of those songs talk about being in the “presence of God”.  When I was listening to “Where I Wanna Be”, it reminded me of… as a marketing guy it reminded me of “mind share”. Many companies talk about market share but its really mind share. “How can I get you to think about my product or service often and talk about it?” So on one side, you’re talking to your fans, but on the flip side from a more spiritual, divine perspective, it kinda struck me as like a, I don’t want to say a “negro spiritual”, but it definitely struck me as a church song, you know what I’m saying? Like on some, comforting, this is where I want to be type shit, you know what I mean? Who were you talking to? What’s that song about?

Ervin: Man I’m glad you brought that in! Cause definitely, when I wrote it I was thinking I was talking to – on one level you can say I was talking to a girl or a woman, and then another level I was talking to myself, and then on another level I was talking to God.  But what’s funny is I wasn’t completely aware that that’s what I was doing. But it makes perfect sense because like when I write songs, I’m more so setting the intention or setting the direction of where I want it to go and allowing the song to write based off those checkpoints. That’s how I keep it structured, without making it too structured. I’m glad you’re wording these questions this way because it’s kind of like we’re taking these mythical or ethereal ideas that people would perceive as mythical and we’re breaking them down to a science. But I’m glad you saw that because it plays those idiosyncrasies that, you know, connect people on different levels. Like, so yeah man, that’s what I do in all my songs. So it’s always a spiritual aspect to it. Even when I’m talking about things that aren’t traditionally perceived as spiritual. And I think that’s part of the appeal. Artists, as visionaries, its something else that channels through us you know? So it’s always humbling when I hear stuff like that because it’s like “wow, what is the bigger plan that I’m a part of?”  Like I have my ego based vision or whatever, and I try to say it’s a selfless vision or whatever, but as a person it’s the human part of us that’s bound to be selfish. 

Ras: I like that. The word “mind” is  in your music a lot. Is that something that you intentionally do? Because even listening to King Shit, your last project,  I heard that and I see that you are much more of an Introspective guy.  I found myself really enjoying the songs where you’re really rapping in a more conversational tone, similar to a Jay-Z. Is that something that you try to do or does it come out naturally? 

Ervin: It’s kinda like shooting free throws; when you first start shooting the free throw, you might have to think about it like “I bend my elbow this way” or whatever, whatever, but after you do that, enough times it becomes ingrained in what you do. And then you can stack another level on top of that so you’re still doing it on purpose but you’re not actively thinking about it so much anymore. So it’s kind of like both at the same time like, and I’m glad you said Jay because I was listening to The Black Album and people have always told me I had a conversational style and I had never really thought about it, but I was listening to him and I’m like “damn!” 

It’s like Jay is like having a conversation with you, with himself, with God, whoever. Even somebody that’s not from his environment or don’t have no clue what he’s talking about can grab something from the conversation. Like it’s a dialogue and you get to find something you can gravitate toward.

Ras: Word, since we’re talking about Jay-Z, that’s a segue into the “Lemonade” song on your EP. You said “Beyonce made an album about lemonade”. Is Beyonce one of your influences? What was that about? What was the thinking behind the production on that song?

Ervin: Well Beyonce is an influence in many ways. I wouldnt say I’m jamming out to her music all the time, but I really admire her as a person. And that’s what it was about. The whole grammy situation where it was like her album Lemonade was nominated for some grammy’s and the rollout for it was amazing, you know? She did the visual album and even though she didn’t win anything, like the grammy’s is another one of those institutions that’s traditionally a certain way. Like “if you’re not like this”, no matter how many people love you, no matter how big your impact is, we won’t to accept you. And for black artists especially, we’ve always been the backbone of American music, but it’s almost like we’re in this position where we’re always told we have to prove ourselves to the institution or the powers that be, you know? But with her and jay both taking the stance that I don’t have to go to the grammy’s. So on the the song “Beyonce made an album about lemonade. Grammy’s wasn’t given out awards today”

Ras: I noticed on the album you had mixed it up with some singing and rapping and of course, I’m definitely partial to the rapping aspects of it and I really liked when you really went into the flows on it and even on King Shit,  I thought that there was a mix of the two on there. So how do you decide, you know, when you go rap versus singing? Was it, you know, just a feeling?  

Ervin: For me it always starts with the, the actual music, like the sound, you know? When I approach a song, I approach it with trying to hit the best pocket for that particular song and keep it unique as well, and make it relatable. Because as artists and musicians and we can be selfish at times but it’s like this weird balance between being 100 percent you and a 100 percent servant of the people. You know what I mean? And that’s really ultimately what it comes back to, being a servant of the people. We like to take credit for the good music that we make. But really all I do is filling in. I don’t write the song. Something else is writing the song. So for me to fight that, and not share that gift with other people is selfish, but like my goal with that was to grab people and then bring them into my world. And now we can create our own worlds together. That’s kind of why I took the disney theme, I wanted it to be overarching and I wanted to be able to be accepted by a lot of people without me conforming, you know what I mean?

Ras: I do. So what’s your favorite disney movie? And why?

Ervin: My favorite disney movie? It’s some heavy hitters. I would probably say my favorite is “Hercules”. I think the most important one is probably like Lion King or something like that, for obvious reasons, but my favorite one is Hercules because I kinda felt like I just related to the character, you know. The disney version, you know, because the actual story is a lot different. But the disney version, I related to it where you’re growing up in this place with these people and your family, and people you know, but there’s a fundamental difference between you and them. And you know that it’s differences, and they always comes out. You want to be accepted, but you don’t want to have to change who you are to be accepted. That’s a deep topic because it’s like you either are viewed as you’re a conformist, or you don’t care what people think, but it’s like… how can you.. I feel like it’s both. It’s like you don’t change who you are even with resistance from others, but at the same time what is the point of existing if you don’t have anybody to commune with, you know? So I feel like he kind of was able to go on his hero’s journey and figure that out. I relate to that, heavy.