New York Model/Rapper Stack Bundi Drops New Project, ‘Elon Runtz’

New York rapper Stack Bundi‘s new project, ELON RUNTZ, is finally here. The rapper’s latest features producers such as Young Kio (who made Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”), Spiffy Global (who’s worked with Gucci Mane, Hoodrich Pablo Juan) and more. With his charismatic flow and varied approach to rap, he’s sure to win.


Dueling Experts (Verbal Kent & Recognize Ali) “Dueling Experts” New Album

From a lost chamber of a dark cavern, Dueling Experts unlock the most esoteric of styles. Chicago’s Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) joins forces with Ghana mc Recognize Ali for the new self titled album produced by Lord Beatjitzu.  

While gave an early sneak peak of the album last night before it was released, today, Dueling Experts released their new self-titled collaborative album to the masses. 

“We are amped and ready to share our project with everyone. We feel we’ve captured something special here, and that launching our ideas through the Mello Music Group platform is ideal” Verbal Kent and Recognize Ali commented to  “The secret of Dueling Experts– we are two artists who have merged forces to create a new brand of Hip-Hop we feel people can trust. The score that Lord Beatjitzu presents is ideal and couldn’t represent or harness our energy any more suitably. Expect more of the same from us to come as well- this is just the beginning.”

Dueling Experts self titled album is now available via Mello Music Group.

You can now purchase, add and favorite Dueling Experts album at your preferred DSP:

AJ Suede New Project “Darth Sueder V: Supreme Chancellor” & 2 New Videos

The Seattle based New York City native began the new year by releasing another self produced opus, “Darth Sueder V: Supreme Chancellor”. In this installment, we once again find our protagonist maneuvering effortlessly over a wide variety of soundscapes. This release was supported with videos for the singles “Hold Paper Not Grudges” and “Tinted” which are self directed and produced by Suede himself.


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Stretch and Bobbito Releases Their Debut Album “No Requests”

Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album No Requests explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record crates! Featuring the M19s Band, a live band of elite hand-picked musicians, the gatekeepers of ‘90s Hip Hop step outside their foundational genre base to produce Latin, Afro-beat, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul reinterpretations of dance floor bangers—ranging from popular to rare and obscure—which loosely depart expected structure and create new nuances to familiar tunes. The group also offers original compositions along the sonic journey. All tracks have one goal in mind: GROOVE! Features “The Mexican” featuring Latin Grammy winner Mireya Ramos and “I Know You I Live You” featuring Grammy nominee Maimouna Youssef. We also releasing the album on CD (Ropeadope) as well as cassette/7″ box set/12″ LP (exclusively on Fat Beats Distribution). Slipmats, 7″ adaptors, merch, etc. down the pipeline, too! Release date January 17, 2020

US Debut Concert/Release Party at the Kennedy Center 1/17/20 (info)

NYC Debut Concert/Release Party at the Gramercy Theater powered by Live Nation 1/23/20 (info)

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Ball Hawg Records Presents: “21” Album

BallHawg Records, Inc. is an independent music label bred in Little Rock, Arkansas. As the first independent hip-hop label, they have been pounding the pavement hard and putting in work in the music industry as a versatile, lyrically inclined collaborative that can hold their own and compete for bar-for-bar with local acts and global sensations. This powerhouse’s roster features CEO Playboy Shane, producer Stupid Ed Boi On The Beat, three prime artists, Rixh Rose, Zay’lon, and Don Dolla, and two featured artists Flyboy Pat and J Sqruipt. Securing the bag behind the scenes are Imani, the touring, booking, and marketing director, road manager Chris, and logistics professional Gator P.
Playboy Shane is a hip-hop veteran who debuted on the scenes at the top of the new millennium–between 2000 and 2003. Needless to say, he was a spearhead of the new generation of rap and hip-hop, gracing the Top 100 Billboard charts with epic singles, such as “What Cha Gone Do?” featuring the infamous H-Town artist Lil’ Flip. Since then, he has made a home for himself and provided opportunities for other artists to build on the foundation that he laid at Ball Hawg Records. They take pride in building from within, as everything is created in-house. This conglomerate is a full entertainment experience with not just music but visuals, engaging shows, and merchandise.

Undoubtedly, the Ball Hawg Music enterprise has released a hot EP and album titled “21.” It encompasses 21 songs and celebrates their 21st anniversary as a music label. Although there are mostly freshman and sophomore artists in the group who are barely legal and have been in the game ranging from 3-7 years, these music professionals have put Little Rock on the map for rap and hip-hop, ensuring that the city and their artists will never again be overlooked regarding music talent. As Rixh Rose said, “tap in, [they] got them bands that make you tap dance.” Outsourced producers who they’ve established strong bonds and created dope music that is featured on the EP and album include 808 Mafia, Patchwork Studio, and Latez the Engineer. The group’s favorite singly off of the album is “Chanel 101,” so be sure to check that out.

Twitter: @ballhawgmusic 

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