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DioMara Drops Her New EP “ALCHEMY”

ALCHEMY – Existing in “pure being”, or soulful awareness is the ultimate state of transformation – the gold – of spiritual alchemy. Alchemy’s greatest achievement is to create an interrelationship between mind and matter, between self and world.

DioMara has been on this journey of alchemizing her life and still is. This 8 track body of work tells the story of some of her encounters along the way. This is a timeless piece for DioMara, as it will be forever relevant. This journey does not end. As a matter of fact, the gold is in the journey and DioMara is ready to embrace it all.

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Houston Elitist EDF Returns with “South Post Oak” Project

EDF (Every Day Fresh) is the embodiment of his hometown of Houston – his sound, delivery, and artistry represents the epitome of the Houston culture. With every release, the talented rapper delivers solid records with hometown essence, and his latest release is no different. EDF releases his latest body of work titled “South Post Oak”, a 5-track EP that gives you a good taste of what’s to come from his upcoming album “Westheimer Superstar” dropping next month. EDF pays homage to the south side of Houston, on the EP, his old stomping grounds. Take a listen below.

Twitter: @imedf

Martin Tells the Colorful Story of a Suburban Weekend on Debut EP “PBOW”

Martin, the 22 year old rapper from the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA releases his debut EP, “PBOW” (PinkBlueOrangeWhite). Featuring four lively, unique, and colorfully entertaining songs, the project tells the story of a suburban weekend in four sections anchored by the tracks. PBOW also features a series of well-placed interludes including dialogue that helps to frame the narrative and build Martin’s suburban dreamscape. Listen to PBOW HERE.

Each song brings something different to the table: “Splash” (pink) is an upbeat celebration of finding the fun in everyday life, “Blue Skies” (blue) feat. TheLovelyJoelle is a beach-inspired ode to finding serenity in spending time alone, “Bento” (orange) is an aggressive 8 bit/hip-hop track dedicated to thinking outside the box, and “Usagi” (white) is a joyful love anthem about confessing feelings to someone special.

Featuring catchy hooks, clever bars, engaging delivery, and strong instrumentals from producers SpydaWebs and Dusty Nicks, PBOW is a well-rounded and conceptually air-tight debut project for this rising artist.

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Toronto Pop Singer Kayla Diamond Releases Her Dark Pop EP “Dirty Laundry”

Dirty Laundry is a dark pop record that hums and buzzes as it propels one to dance. “My last album was more upbeat pop, more major chords. Happier and depressing. This one is more attitude. Kind of like ‘I miss you but fuck you,’” Diamond says with a laugh. 

What Dirty Laundry has are buoyant pop hits that serve to mean something more; to be something more. Pop music’s greatest trick is making floor-thumping bangers that are secretly about the most heart-aching human experiences. Dirty Laundry is a pop Trojan Horse. Come for the hits, stay for the revelations.

Dirty Laundry EP via your preferred streaming platform.

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Tallahassee, Florida Artist 20 Bluntzz New Mixtape “Born 4 Fame” (Mixtape) & “No Basic” Video feat. OG Bobby Mac

Rich Life Entertainment presents Tallahassee, Florida artist 20 Bluntzz latest mixtape entitled “Born 4 Fame”. “Born 4 Fame” is a twenty track mixtape that includes records such as “Fuck 12” Remix with TSO Tadoe, “Keep It Real” and “Taylor Port”. Below is also the official music video for his record entitled “No Basic” featuring OG Bobby Mac.

Twitter: @20Bluntzz @OGBobbyMac

G.Huff & Lena Jackson Drops “Grace and Alchemy” EP & “Leila Ali, Mike Tyson” Video

The Youngstown, Ohio titan, G.Huff, and the Raleigh, North Carolina wolf, Lena Jackson, come together as a male and female duo, delivering Midwest grit and Southern soul on their latest collaborative effort titled Grace And Alchemy.   The project provides duality from a male and female perspective. Two vastly different artists with impeccable chemistry, Huff and Lena trade bars for 7 songs with production provided by Chicago super producer Ill Brown, and Youngstown, Ohio beatsmith Da Bopman, leaving no stone unturned.

“This project was originally going to be a solo effort with Ill Brown doing the production, says G. Huff. I had a song with Lena in mind; but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like maybe we should just do the whole thing together.”

After the critically acclaimed solo effort, Darkness Brim, by Lena Jackson, she wanted to challenge herself by combining worlds with G.Huff, and creating something that would prove women are to be viewed as equals with their male counterparts. “The more I created for this project, the less it became about men/women comparisons,” Lena reveals. “It really became about aligning our respective talents and being dope on all counts, regardless of gender.”

Stream EP “Grace and Alchemy” :

@LJackPower @GHuff330

Texas Rising Rapper Chuckwavy New Project “Wavin A. Smith 2” Hosted by Sauce Walka

Texas based artist Chuckwavy just released “Wavin A. Smith 2” hosted by Sauce Walka! The project is comprised of 7 strategically placed and produced tracks which proves that this second installment to his Wavin A. Smith series will be favored by both old and new fans.

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Louisiana’s Artist MobbGod New Album “Induction Ceremony”

MobbGod is one of Louisiana’s most underrated legends. Formerly known as Savage, “MobbGod” has been influential in the careers of many of Louisiana’s biggest stars. He’s rapped along side and produced for artists like Boosie BadAzz, Kevin Gates, Lil Phat, Webbie, BG, Juvenile, and Sqad Up. Throughout the years he’s worked with several Texas legends such as Slim Thug, Cory Mo, Trae The Truth, Lil Keke, and more. Some household names he’s worked with include DMX, Yo Gotti, and The Outlawz. MobbGod produced theme music for the MTV show “Look Around.” Originally hailing from South Baton Rouge, MobbGod was the first artist from his city to be featured on BET’s classic late night, yet controversial show “BET UNCUT” for his unforgettable visual entitled “She A Poppa”. The up and coming artist/producer also started making waves with a hit that he produced and featured on called “They Hate My” with the late rapper Nu$$ie. After signing to TRILL ENT he ended up working with long time idol the late great Pimp C! When he parted ways with the label he started his own company, Solo Mafia, which has gone on to successfully launch a slew of merchandise from hoodies to women’s attire. Although no different than many other rappers covered with tattoos, he instantly stands out with a 6’3 270lbs frame. MobbGod is an activist for unjust social issues plaguing Black communities throughout the country. He speaks out against police brutality, corrupt politics and racism. In 2016 he made national headlines when he shared the viral video of Alton Sterling’s death and was falsely arrested for assault and battery. His dedicated fan base continues to grow. MobbGod has built his own lane of organ laced, country rap tune influenced, street episodes drenched in free game and reality. He has coined his style of music as “Mobb Sh*t” on which he seems to deliver consistently and relentlessly on grand production with smooth vocals and intelligent lyrics!

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4 MINUTES LATER Releases Their Debut Self-Titled EP

Mysterious, Internet-born, Twitter-trending group 4 Minutes Later releases its first ever self-titled EP. Following the release of their 2019 singles “Bad Love” and “Troubled”, the group looks to give fans more timeless music to reflect on and enjoy with their new yet nostalgic EP.

 This eclectic body of work includes songs off the project like “Bad Love”, a summer sadness song emulating the style of Halsey’s “East Side” where 4ML captures us in a trance. With its firm, yet calming beats along with lyrics that shine a light on a struggle we’re all too familiar with: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time when in love. Listen to “Bad Love” and more from 4ML on the brand new EP out now!

Listen: 4ML EP



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