DJ Faboloso – “Faboloso vs. Fabian” EP

Bottom2thatop Records presents DJ Faboloso debut EP “Faboloso vs Fabian”.  It has seven great songs that tell a story. The EP is a great body of work. Go checkout his other tracks “Get Lit”, “Flip Check” and “Who Would Of Thought”. Take a listen tell us what you think. Debut EP “Faboloso vs Fabian” out now on all digital platforms, and online. Catch dancer, artist, YouTuber and DJ on tour. Faboloso performs often across the USA and soon Internationally. Faboloso will one day be a household name and International Superstar. Go stream, download and purchase “Faboloso vs Fabian” by Faboloso for $1.


Deaton Chris Anthony Releases Debut Album “BO Y”

Deaton Chris Anthony – producer, fashion designer, aspiring R&B singer and internet underdog – is celebrating the release of his debut full-length album, BO Y, out everywhere today.

BO Y radiates the same kind of style and grace that a bootleg outfit would, and the autonomous and entrepreneurial spirit of Anthony’s artistic ethos is also apparent in the distinct approach of the record – it feels unique and bespoke. However, the album is also loaded with guests – such as UMI, Clairo, and Omar Apollo – and this sense of collaboration is equally central for Anthony in his creative endeavors.

“Music is most fun for me when I make it with my friends, encouraging them to meet me outside of their comfort zones” he says. “Each feature on BO Y adds flavor to what the album tastes like as a whole.” A taste for a little bit of everyone.
The narrative of the album is split into 2 parts, built of small vignettes and montages. The album may sound like a perfect zeitgeist record – embracing idiosyncratic sounds via classic synth presets, electro beats, layered talk box swells, and R&B backbones – but it’s the dark, angry, heart-wrenching twists and turns that give you a sense of awareness that each playful song surrounding is intentional, all giving balance to one another. Over three years in the making, Anthony understands the importance of not rushing things and never forcing a sound or style.

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The Other Guys ‘Autumn In Analog’ (Instrumental EP)

Autumn in Analog is the newest addition to our four seasons instrumental EP series and features D.C. vocalist Jenna Camille. We went for a slightly jazzier/soulful sound this time to match the fall season. Enjoy! – Joe

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Just John x Dom Dias Unveil New “PROJECT”

The maverick hip hop duo Just John x Dom Dias drop their new highly anticipated conceptual PROJECT release. Following on the heels of their critically-acclaimed Don II and Don III EP’s – which earned them rave reviews across a wide range of media platforms including VICE, The Fader, Lyrical Lemonade, XXL, Complex, Elevator Mag, Now Magazine, CBC – it was while touring and being invited to participate in promotional campaigns for the NBA champion Toronto Raptors, and the world renowned Gucci brand, that the thrilling tag team combo began cooking up some of their best music to date. 

PROJECT is a nine-piece body of work that thematically plays on the “anatomy” of Just John and Dom Dias’ music exploration, with each two minute song representing different body parts. Special guests include WondaGurl collaborator Jugger, Brooklyn’s own Chelsea Reject, Travis Morton, and rising rap star NorthSideBenji who ups the ante on the “Minutia” remix. 

The duo’s aim with this project was to intentionally utilize medical themes and constructs to not only move your ears, but your body and energy. “This body of work has my energy in it as much as it has my heart,” explains the duo’s charismatic rapper. “I wanted to see how conceptual we could get with a project, from both a sonic and visual standpoint. I think what people will take away from this project is the power of being yourself and pulling from your life as the best source material.” Regarding the futuristic soundscapes, Dom Dias adds: “this record was designed to sound like a trap Quentin Tarantino movie.” 


Slimm Body – Cartier Visions (EP)

After almost losing his life from a gunshot wound in 2016, to presently fighting an unjust homicide charge, Slimm is releasing new music, videos, and merchandise. Now more than ever his “Cartier Visions EP” symbolize the hurdles and hardships involved in a positive effort to overcome the hood, poverty, and violence within, and the formidable task of emerging into mainstream from the Nashville Hip-Hop scene.  

When asked what he hopes fans take away from the Cartier Visions songs/project, Slimm answers with this: 

“Progression. From where I’m from to where I am now… When you close your eyes you see visions (sights, sounds, smells, feelings, etc…) from your past, present and HOPEFULLY your future… Cartier Visions represents coming from the dirt, and even from adolescence knowing that one day you will be living finely/ seeing things that people from the bottom never get to witness.”  –Slimm

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DonteSoulPepper – “SpeakOnIt! (EP)”

Salt Lake City, Utah artist, DonteSoulPepper, shares his highly anticipated new project, SpeakOnIt!.

“SpeakOnIt! is a project with no boundaries or concept. There was some things that I needed to get off of my chest and I used this project simply to do that. It is intentionally in-cohesive to show all side of my personality and artistry. This is the most fun I ever had creating a project. I am happy with the results.” – DonteSoulPepper

Listen to the official, SpeakOnIt!, project below and more music from DonteSoulPepper via SoundCloud.

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EP: DonteSoulPepper – “SpeakOnIt!”


Mob Bounce Drop Video For ‘Keys To The Forest’ Off New EP ‘Transformation’

MOB BOUNCE is The Northwest Kid (Gitxsan) and Travis Hebert aka Heebz the Earthchild (Cree/Metis). They grew up in Northern BC and bonded over their love of hip hop. Mob Bounce was officially born with the release of their Mixed Blood Mixtape.

Rooted in their cultures, ceremonies, and connections to place, MOB BOUNCE brings lyricism and power to hip-hop culture from a contemporary Indigenous perspective on their new album ‘Transformation’. It would be great if you could feature!

EP stream is now on Bandcamp

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Rob Cave & Che Grand Release New EP ‘On Everything I Love’ & New Video “The Devil”

“Word, on everything that I love” is a promise where I’m from.  In 2019, the artist FKA Spec Boogie and Lessondary member is properly introducing himself to his audience as Rob Cave with two EP’s that will reflect who he is at his core; those two EP’’s are Word, produced by The Other Guys and On Everything I Love produced by Che Grand.

On Everything I Love is the Yin to Words Yang.  Where Word was precise, structured and personal, On Everything I Love is emotional, free form and communal” Rob waxed poetically 

Today, Rob Cave & Che Grand released their new EP, On Everything I Love, and also released a new visual for “The Devil.”

On Everything I Love features Che Grand & Jack Davey on vocals and Seb Zillner on flute.

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DillanPonders Drops ‘KNOWHERE’ EP

As he spits on the opening track, ‘KNOW I’M GOD’: “Who knew that the walk of shame would lead a n*gga down to the fucking hall of fame?” This EP is the soundtrack of his journey through KNOWHERE, as Dillan is freed from the confines of societal preconceptions.

On the journey, he’s accompanied by a collection of eccentric guests. “JURASSIC” sees Dillan join forces with IDK, one of the industry’s most talked about artists right now. The duo embody dinosaurs, tearing apart the beat laced with bells and 808s like a carcass. On “TINGZ”, Dillan taps Steph Curry’s right hand man Devontee, trading raucous flows and auto-tuned assaults to create a partnership that would make Steph and Draymond jealous. The final track, “WHY SO SERIOUS”, is sprinkled with the seductive sound of Toronto singer Faiza for an eerie ending.

KNOWHERE has been a long time coming for DillanPonders. The journey has tested his will, leading him through violence, homelessness, and addiction. But the other side is worth it. And he’s just beginning to explore what enlightenment can be. Follow Dillan through KNOWHERE and you just might find out how to get there yourself. Stream the project here

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JAYARSON – “In the Meantime 2” [Mixtape]

The new project from New Orleans MVP JAYARSON just dropped and fans are loving it!

JAYARSON has made it his business to become one of the South’s hottest artists. He is highly sought after for features and always one to be down for collaborations and working with his fellow artists. In addition to his music career, this well-known entertainer dabbles in fashion and entrepreneurship and he always blazes his own path.

In the Meantime 2 is a well-planned out album with a little something for everyone. The 14-track masterpiece showcases JAYARSON‘s epic talent and definitely displays his versatility.

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