@TommySwisherTM Drunk In Atlanta w/ @WisdomATL


On Nov 21st Tommy Swisher hit the streets with his management team to head to Atlanta. Even tho we didnt know it was going to turn to a photo shoot it just did naturally. Tommy Swisher teams up with Atlanta based clothing company Wisdom. These are two young cats on the come up in Atlanta. Ginza is a landmark these days in the city for just having the latest gear. Tommy Swisher went behind the cash register to show he is about the $$$$. Keep a eye for Wisdom and his movement in the fashion industry. Even tho the shoot didnt end as great because management caught a parking ticket. Tommy Swisher still found a way to finish up the photo shoot and finesse it.


Meet The Twins behind “Lucid FC” Clothing Line: @Lucid_Chet @Lucid_Betts

Lucid FC, short for Lucid Footwear and Clothing, was created in late 2010 by Atlanta born and raised twins, Betts DeHart and Chet DeHart. They started Lucid FC by producing a pair of shoes named “The Eden”, which released Spring 2011, along with one shirt. They continued to build their name. Lucid FC currently has 3 owners now. The Lucid (DeHart) Twins made Jonah Levine a part of the brand. They produced two more pairs of shoes, and plenty more tops. Spring/Summer 2013, they had their first full collection. Being picked up by blogs and appraised by many, they have been releasing 5-8 full collections a year since then. Also check out their website to keep up to date with future releases!

#PreciseFashion: Jordan 14’s (Black & White Retro) – Details & Photos!

Michael Jordan sneaker fans don’t have to check ebay for these classic Jordan 14’s (Black & White Retro), nor do they have worry about using hot water, dish detergent cleaning to bring them back because this just in, Team Jordan/ Nike announced that these will be available again for purchase Saturday, September 20th at 8:00 am.

The Air Jordan 14 Retro ‘White/Black’ is available in full family sizing.

Air Jordan 14 Retro GS (3.5Y – 7Y) $120
Air Jordan 14 Retro PS (10.5C – 3Y) $75
Air Jordan 14 Retro TD (5C – 10C) $55

Aficionados of the original Air Jordan 14 can rejoice with the return of the classic White/Black-Varsity Red colorway. Originally released in 1998, the Air Jordan 14 takes inspiration from a love of sports cars and is personified through its sleek lines and premium materials. Available on Nike.com September 20 (8am EDT/5am PDT).

Source: wdmv362radio.com