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1.5 Lil Co Speaks On Being Lil Quill’s Big Brother, 5 Year Bid & Readjusting To Life [The Progress Report]

Lil Co is the original third member of 1.5 which consists of Yung Mal & Lil Quill who are signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records. In a recent interview with Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report, Lil Co speaks on serving 5 years in prison and being Lil Quill’s blood brother. This year the trio plans to release a collective mixtape and continue to rise to stardom. 

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HillTop HYPE Exclusive Interview: Meet ATL Artist ‘Chosen Fate’

Atlanta, GA Artist: Chosen Fate

Recently, I had the pleasure to get to know rising Atlanta, Georgia artist, Chosen Fate. We’re starting to see a new wave of lyrically conscious rappers, and Chosen Fate is here to make hip-hop music his stomping ground and prove that he’s not just going to be a one hit wonder, but an artist who can hopefully inspire others to be themselves in this generation of pretentious posers.

Who is Chosen Fate…? Though it seems pretty self-explanatory, what is the meaning behind the name? 
“Chosen Fate is James Stephens (lol)”

As a multi talented artist, we know that playing the piano is your secret weapon… does that mean you produce your own beats too? 

Who are you top 5 musical inspirations? Dead or alive. No specific order. 
“Stevie Wonder, James E. Stephens (Dad), Timberland, Pretty much everything I can get my hands on.”

Now, who is one person in the game right now that you just “have” to work with, and why?
“I would say I would love to work with a few people that I feel are similar to me and that would be: J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, and Logic. These artists have all made positive songs in a way that I have found amazing.”

For those who haven’t listened to your new project, Come By Here, — what are 3 words to describe it? 
“Inspiring, different, and educational.”

With that being said, what was the inspiration behind creating this project? What message are you trying to get across? 
“Well, Come By Here, is an album from the people’s perspective meant to motivate us to do something with our lives and also to paint a picture of how we deal with one another to motivate change. And I named it “Come By Here” to inspire people to be better and to learn to love each other no matter the color of their skin.”

What is it all for? Be honest. Some people are about this “music life” for the fame and fortune, essentially trying to make a career out of it, which is understandable; but some use music solely for a release, and whatever manifests from that is just more so a blessing… —What does being a music artist mean to you?
“I love music and I believe that music is a tool to use for whatever you want to use it for whether it be good or bad and I choose to use it for good.”

What’s in store for Chosen Fate? What can we look forward to from you in 2019? 
“I don’t know wait and see!” 

So I guess we’ll wait and see… Stay tuned!

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Mel Speaks on Creating A Movement with T$A, Odessa TX + More With #spilltheTEA

Straight out of Odessa, TX, Mel stops by to #spilltheTEA with media correspondent Teaacup about the T$A movement, his latest single “What You Talkin Bout,” and members of his team leave word on how they initially connected with the artist.

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Teaacup is a media correspondent of #spilltheTEA who acts as the voice of Indy culture allowing artists, brand owners, influencers, and community members to share their stories and opinions on controversial topics. 

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SupaNova Slom’s New ‘Love In The Midst of Chaos’ Album

SupaNova Slom released his first studio album in four years, “Love In The Midst of Chaos,” on the date of his birth, this passed January 29th. It is the ninth studio album that the rapper has released.

Slom’s recent project is a combination of genres: He categorizes it as Trap, Rock, Punk, Alternative, R&B, Soul, and says it is, “…unapologetically me.”

The Brooklyn-born and raised emcee credits Michael Jackson and Prince as his biggest musical influences growing up, but says Prince inspired him to sing as well as learn to play the guitar and piano, while honing his craft as a lyricist, since the age of 10. At the same time, his older cousin, Entrfied [@thegodofsound], exposed Slom to recording and performing, live.

Slom’s music production team, Ra Sound, consists of Chief Producer, Entrfied McCloud, Associate Producer, Rod Heru, and Executive Producer/Vocalist, SupaNova Slom.

Prior to the current project, Ra Sound independently launched eight Alternative Rap albums over the span of nearly two decades.  Slom’s musical catalog boasts of features from Erykah Badu, The Game, Jadakiss, Bilal, Ludachris, TI, Jay Electronica, Ice T, Dead Prez and Theopolus Londod, to name a few.

“Love In The Midst of Chaos” was 10 years in the making with creative input by mentor and music industry vet, Ali “S” aka @anoblesavage.

In 2009, Slom and his team shot their Prince-inspired music video, “Midnight,” at his Brooklyn flat to assess his audience’s response to Slom’s musical range. Entrfied and he strategically placed the song on their then album – “The Remedy.” The response Slom received from his listeners was a mixture of excitement and curiosity for what was next, he recounts.

In 2011, prior to Slom going into active duty military service, Ali convinced he and Entrfied to focus and create a cohesive SupaNova project and Prince-inspired sound, with alternative rock influences. Thus, their journey began, and they worked periodically until Prince’s untimely passing 2016.

“This totally shook us because we were sure Prince would absolutely love the album – and us – when we were through with it,” Slom says.

The group went on hiatus to dig deeper and channel their creativity around the memory of the late, Prince of Pop. Encouraged by Ali, they recorded over the next few years to form “Love in The Midst of Chaos” – an album which promises if nothing else, a sonic boom of diversity!

From the booming synth Trap-Hop melody of the title track “Love In The Midst of Chaos” – to the soul-silky, Prince-like falsetto vocals of “Breathe” – to the Electro-Punk Rock pulse of “Love Thump” and “Revolution” – think, Nine Inch Nails and Bad Brains; and to the Bone Thugs N Harmony and Migos-like cadence of “Psalms: God Love Gangstas” boasts SupaNova’s most ambitious work – to – date. Additional contemporary inspiration for the project came from artists Fishbone, The Weeknd, Drake, and Kanye West.

Mostly known as a Hip-Hop artist, after the “Chaos…” Slom will be known as a SupaNova rockstar!

“Love in the Midst of Chaos” is available now on all digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay via this Link.

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#HillTopHYPE Exclusive | East Coast Collective ‘Covenant Government’ Talk Their: Newly Released ‘Annuit Coeptis’ Album, Goals For 2019, The Process Behind Working On A Group Project & MORE

ALBUM: Covenant Government – “Annuit Coeptis”

After just a week off of the release of their second collaborative group project, Annuit Coeptis, I tapped in with the Cov Gov team to talk about the response from their new album, their goals for the new year, and how they each feel about working in a group dynamic.

The Album, Annuit Coeptis — Latin for “Providence favors our undertakings” — is another spiritual and social honest piece from Cov Gov proving their versatile and vital approach to rap about the topics that often get lost in translation.

Always honest and transparent with their fans… here’s what the group had to say:

Describe the album, Aunnit Coeptis, in three words…

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Free-spirited; Fun-spirited; Progressive”
Nalo: “Lyrical; Diverse; and Classic

Now with that being said, what was the inspiration behind making the, Annuit Coeptis, project the official CØV group project?

Nalo: The collection of artists… each is great in their own lane. So to see us come together successfully is a good move for hip-hop as a whole.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “With politics becoming more synonymous with entertainment, it was only right that [we] as musicians make more music to reflect these times.”

You guys have always meshed well as a group, while also knowing how to separate your solo careers… how difficult — or easy was it getting every member on the same page for this group project? (Studio time, Tracklist Arrangement, Choosing an album cover, etc.)

Relz: “Whenever you have a collection of solo artists/different personalities with conflicting schedules – it’ll never be easy, because things might take a little longer than expected, or you may not agree on certain things. However, it teaches you how to compromise. That’s the beauty of being on a team… taking the different opinions in the creative process & then coming on one accord to create a masterpiece.”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “OH BOY! It is heaven and hell! Always competitive! Mainly because we try to bring out the best in each other. Everybody has their own process, but no matter what the end result is always the most important part. When we disagree on details, we find common ground on the intentions. As far as the solo part, it’s easier to be free when you’re apart of a great collective.”

Young Scoop: It was fun for me to work on this project, I like the competition, but being in covenant, you do a verse one day and it’s gone the next.” – Scoop says jokingly.

Hazy: “Let’s just start off by saying – I hated the cover for the record; but everyone that listened to it likes it so far… I think the hardest part of doing group projects is that we’re in different states so scheduling is always going to be an issue with working on tracks.”

Be honest! What’s everyone’s favorite single on the album? 

Relz: “So much love!”

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Spooky Times” because it has a menacing type of energy… Like a horror movie feel. Like the horror of reality.”

Young Scoop: “Sight..” telling people it’s more than what your two eyes see.”
Coincidentally Hazy agrees…
Hazy: Definitely “Spooky Times,” I should have been on that, right after Scoop.

I’m sure everyone is also wondering, when can we expect some new visuals from, Annuit Coeptis

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Coming sooner or never (said sarcastically).”

Just in 3 days, the project received more than 3,000 streams via Spotify. What are y’all numbers looking like now as we officially hit one week? — Was this response more or less than what you were expecting?

Sensei Feng Xhui: “We’re quickly approaching 10k. We knew the potential of the group as soon as we came together.”

Last, but not least! What’s next for Covenant Government? What major moves can we expect from the group and its’ members in 2019? 

Sensei Feng Xhui: “Young Scoop’s project is next! Then Relz! Then the rest of the squad! Y’all can expect more videos, more thoughts, more energy, more vibes, more content, and all of the above!”

Be sure to stay connected with Covenant Government as we wait for new music to come. 

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(Annuit Coeptis Available HERE)
Covenant Government

Future Talks To Jay-Z About Reference On ‘4:44’ Album, Russell Wilson, Wendy Williams & More With The Durtty Boyz on Hot 107.9

Future stops by Atlanta’s own Hot 107.9 to talk with J Nicks, DJ Kash & StarterCAM about a few topics and his 7th in-studio album. The Durtty Boyz talks about all the recent tabloids he’s been involved in from Jay-Z, Wendy Williams, & even speaks about how he feels about Russell Wilson.

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VICE Discusses The Rise and Controversy of Asian Rap Culture in New Video

VICE launched the second season of its series “Minority Reports,” where host Lee Adams explores communities of underrepresented individuals in unexpected places, shedding light on their experiences to spark larger cultural conversations.

The first episode, which just premiered, tackles the topic of Asian rappers in Hip Hop, as Lee Adams travels to the first-ever Asian Hip Hop festival and the streets of Long Beach to investigate the rapid rise of Asian rappers and whether or not the rest of the community is willing to accept them. He speaks with rising artists including Rich Brian$tupid Young and the Higher Brothers about why they wanted to get involved with rap and the backlash from using the name “Rich Chigga.” Additionally, Lee speaks to Hip Hop radio hosts Ebro and J Cruz to discuss the controversy of Asian rappers feeling entitled to use “the N word” and why non black hip hop artists need to be culturally responsible. 

Future episodes of Minority Reports will find VICE traveling to Houston TX, the home of America’s first Islamic Spanish center, to investigate if the largest number of Muslim converts in the Latin community is related to America’s current political climate. Later in the series, Lee travels to the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington DC to talk to the voices in the black conservative movement and to understand how the disillusionment and often empty promises of the democratic party are causing the growth of Black conservatives across the nation. 

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with Rich Brian, 88rising, and $tupid Young

Young Thug’s Sister’s Dolly White & HiDoraah Speak On New Mixtape ‘Slimestas’, Growing Up With Thug, Personal Life, & YSL [The Progress Report]

Young Thug’s sisters Dolly White & HiDoraah just released their debut 6 track mixtape ‘Slimestas’ and are making a name for themselves. In a recent interview with The Progress Report, the 2 siblings open up about their poverty stricken childhood, Thug getting his big break in music, and everything in between!

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Michael Aristotle is “Almost There” but He Reminisces on Past Collection on #spilltheTEA

Eastside, Atlanta native, Michael Aristotle reminisces on his his last two releases “Mega Millions” And “TONI” as he prepares us for a major release “Almost There.” Preceding the episode, he dropped a surprise EP titled “E” to hold us over. The marketing of these latest releases have left a remarkable replay value bringing everyone a millionaire feel with the Mega Millions check and being an advocate for the “Lil Booties Matter” campaign. Follow Teaacup of #spilltheTEA

spilltheTEA TV features all walks of independent entities from artists, local brand owners, to movements and social discussions.

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Blve Cocaine Says Being Bullied Led Her To Being An MC with #spilltheTEA

Blve Cocaine, formerly known “Skyy Chronicles,” is a female MC that has previous experience as an event hostess, freestyle, and battle rapper. In this episode, after winning the monthly cypher series hosted by #spilltheTEA and recently headlining the Broke2Dope pop up, Blve informs us on the difference between being an artist and MC. She mentions how being bullied during grade school led her to battle rapping, while elaborating on dealing with Bipolar Disorder. The latest single she has out right now is titled “Shit Show.” Be sure to subscribe to #spilltheTEA on Youtube to stay up to date with underground Atlanta. Check out Blve Cocaine on SoundCloud…

Interview shot and edited by IG @Wavyyboogz

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