#BEFORETHEFAME | ATL Representer Yadima Talks About Her New Sexy Single “Gimme Dat,” What Hurdles She’s Faced Being A Nigerian Female Artist, Her Brand New IG TV Show & MORE

ATL Representer, Yadima, aka ‘the nigerian princess,” stops by #BEFORETHEFAME to talk about her new sexy single, “Gimme Dat,” what hurdles she’s faced being a Nigerian female artist, her brand new IG TV Show, her clothing line and more!

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#BEFORETHEFAME | Emerging ATL Rapper, CLUU, Talks New Single “Spud Webb,” Challenges of Being A New Artist, What Separates His Music From The Rest & MORE

Atlanta’s own up and coming rapper, CLUU, stops by #BEFORETHEFAME to talk about his brand new Single, “Spud Webb,” challenges he faces being a new artist, and what separates his music from the rest of Atlanta’s music scene.

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#BEFORETHEFAME |Shordie Shordie Talks About His First Gold Plaque “Bitchuary”, ‘Captain Hook’ Tour And More

 Warner Records artist from Baltimore, Maryland, Shordie Shordie been making heat wave this year from his most recent “Both Sides” release that’s over 4 million views, “Bitchuary” just went gold and having his first own tour this year entitled from his album ‘Captain Hook.’

Dame Dizzle stopped by Warner Records office to catch up with one of their new rising artist Shordie Shordie. We sat down to discuss his first gold single for “Bitchuary” , the ups and downs dealing with fame from being an artist, tours, why he cater to the women in his music and more.

Check out the full #BEFORETHEFAME interview below!

Talk Points:
0:28 – Discuss Being An Artist Coming From Baltimore
1:26 – Dealing with fame?
2:45 – Performing first time at Rolling Loud.
4:54: Favorite cities while traveling being an artist?
6:30: Why he caters to women in his music?
7:27 : What got you into music?

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Introducing DJ Slick B

DJ Slick B, aka “The Flyest DJ on the Planet,” is based in Detroit, Michigan birthplace of innovators and Motown legends. DJ Slick B’s ambition and dedication has positioned him to be one of the best in his profession while “making it look easy,” but there is a story behind DJ Slick B’s success.  DJ Slick B has always had an extraordinary ear for music. There was a time when he was labeled “The Aux Cord King” because he was known for playing music or DJ’ing through any available device.  It was not until July 19, 2015, at his son’s 2nd birthday party, that DJ Slick B became serious about his craft. He purchased his own equipment and decided to become a DJ. He is a self-taught professional, putting in long hours and sleepless nights to hone his skills, but it has all been worth it to pursue his passion.  DJ Slick B is a versatile DJ who provides a diverse selection of music from all genres and eras. However,what makes him unique is his ability to connect with the crowd through music. His style and showmanship are amazing and cannot be duplicated. In addition to the music, “The Flyest DJ on the Planet” is definitely a fashion trendsetter matching any ambiance you create and elevating any event he spins.  DJ Slick B’s business background has quickly gained him a large clientele in a relatively short period of time. His portfolio includes everything from Dj’ing exclusive concerts for industry artist, upscale nightclubs, extravagant weddings, intimate occasions and business openings such as sip and shops. Many people support his vision and gravitate towards his talent, humbleness, and professionalism.  DJ Slick B is committed to deliver an unforgettable experience anytime he is booked.

#BEFORETHEFAME |1501 Ent. Artists D Raww, Kona Lisa, Railey Rose Discuss Being Signed To A Winning Label, What Inspired Each Of Them To Start Making Music, & More

1501 Certified Entertainment presents their newest signee’s – D Raww, Kona Lisa, and Railey Rose, a for this brand new #BEFORETHEFAME interview!

They sit down with Portia Terrae to discuss the feeling of being signed to a winning record label, what inspired each of them to start making music, upcoming projects and more!

Check out the full #BEFORETHEFAME interview below!

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Introducing ‘Best Kept Secrets’ Presented By Nerve DJs

“The music industry is known for creating valuable careers and opportunities for entrepreneurs who are hungry enough to put in the ground work to establish themselves as not just business professionals but as well as respected music executives. Best Kept Secret is a company that seems to have kicked down, what seemed like impossible barriers against the odds and on their own terms at that. With a roster boastering established and emerging talented musicians as well as award winning in-house team of producers, this new management company has created a lane for itself in a shorter time period than most start up companies based in Canada or the US. Best Kept secret has had an incredible amount of success in the music industry, having secured a placement on Young Thugs newest album “So Much Fun” which has become Thuggers best selling album to date, it shot straight to number one on the Billboard Charts with 128K+ units sold and 167.9 Million streams in the first week of its release.”

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this piece that the company, also played a part on A Boogie’s album Hoodie Season, which has been considered for a Grammy.”

“Best Kept Secrets own Pitt The Kid, produced the popular “Boy Back” record featuring Nav, which quickly became one of the most streamed records from the album. Best Kept Secret additionally obtained a placement on Creed 2’s official soundtrack, which skyrocketed to the 4th place on the Billboard charts, with so such growth and quick expansion, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this piece that the company, also played a part on A Boogie’s album Hoodie Season, which has been considered for a Grammy, they were part of the production process for Bosses & Workers  featuring New York’s very own Don Q. It’s incredibly refreshing to watch what some would call a newcomer on the business side of the industry quietly yet independently succeed, at such a quick pace. Keep your eyes peeled for Best Kept as this is a brand that shows no signs of slowing down.”

Written by: Remi Louis Harris (@louishariss)

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#BEFORETHEFAME | Kasey Alease Talks Her Single “Duh,” Tips For Women Coming Up In The Music Industry, What She Dislikes The Most About Being An Artist & MORE

Kasey Alease stops by #BEFORETHEFAME to discuss her latest single “Duh,” tips on how women can prosper In the music industry, what she dislikes the most about being an artist & MORE!

Check out the full #BEFORETHEFAME interview below!

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#BEFORETHEFAME: Bla5er & Blo5k Lil A Discuss Their Collab Album #The5, The Real Definition of “Slim Thick” & MORE!

Bla5er & Blo5k Lil A were super down to earth and funny as hell . They chopped it up with Portia Terrae to discuss their new collab album #The5 , what it’s like to work on a joint project, the real definition of “Slim Thick” & MORE!!

Stream: ‘Tha 5’ Mixtape

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@Blo5k_LilA & @Bla5er

Jesse “Punch” Edwards Talks Marketing For 740 Project

It’s no secret if you’ve been following music industry trends that marketing company 740 Project has been behind this. Today, we speak with the founder of this company, Jesse “Punch” Edwards to discuss marketing, trends and how to sustain in general in this ever so changing music industry.

Q: What has been your company’s success so far?A: I think it’s really an understanding of the cultural climate. The music culture is so ever changing, it’s imperative you stay up on all trends and shifts in the business.

Q: How did you get your start?
A: I started working with a blog called “Meet Tha Dealer”. Over time the blog became fairly popular and from there I transitioned into what is now known as “digital marketing”.

Q: How did you end up with your first job and where was it?
A: I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ironically I ended up running into someone from the same city as I am, who just so happened to be a digital marketer at Def Jam. Randomly he called me one day and asked “what are you doing with your life and would you like to intern?” And the rest was history.

Q. And where did you end up working?
A. Def Jam obviously haha. Well actually I worked there for all of 3 months and then I was let go. My first official job was at Motown Records.

Q. What year was this?
A. 2010.

Q. What advice do you give to today’s aspiring digital marketers?
A. Stay forward thinking, study all the trends and have a vast understanding of all cultural nuances. And as my former mentor stressed to me, “you MUST always have the swag haha.” 

Twitter: @740Project

Light Skin Bobby

#BEFORETHEFAME | Light Skin Bobby Stops By To Break Down His ‘Top 5 Dead or Alive,’ How He Got The Name “Light Skin Bobby,” Why He Decided To Sign Himself To His Own Label, His New Tape #WORLDWIDE & MORE

Light Skin Bobby

Atlanta representer, Light Skin Bobby, sits down with Portia Terrae as he breaks down his top 5 favorite artists, what he did as a child for people to start calling him “Light Skin Bobby,” why he ended up signing himself to his own label, and the one thing he wants fans to remember him by and more!

Check out the full interview below!

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