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• Soul Vybe Cutta •

Multi-talented recording artist, Soul Vybe Cutta, from the the small town of Camilla, Georgia, is best known for his cleverly written storytelling.

Besides his natural passion for music, multiple hardships such as: homelessness, close family deaths, substance abuse, and depression have also inspired Cutta to channel his pain through writing and making music.

With new music soon to come, I got a chance to ask Soul Vybe Cutta a few questions.

Who is Soul Vybe Cutta!? Describe yourself as in artist in 3 words.

– “I would describe myself as: abstract, devoted, and melodic.”

We know that you’ve dealt with many personal hardships growing up, such as, substance abuse & depression —  how did you use music to cope with those hardships?

– “I wrote my way out of my hardships, as if they were affirmations to remind myself that I was greater than, and never less than anything that attempted to over take my mind and life as a whole.”

With that being said, what is your goal as an artist? What message are you inevitably trying to get across to your fans? 

– “My goal is to inspire those who need inspiration and to let them know that any great vision that God has placed in them is possible.”

Your military background has opened doors for you to travel the world — and on top of that, we know you now just travel for fun & for inspiration — what has been your favorite destination so far, and why? 

– Europe as a whole, but if I have to choose, Im going to go with the Netherlands because of the free spirited lifestyle; their admiration for nature, and landscapes of serene scenery.”

Where’s some places you haven’t gone yet that are on your bucket list?

– “Thailand and Egypt .” 

Currently you reside in Germany. Seeing that you’re originally from Camilla, Georgia — What is it like living in a place so culturally different from what you’re “use” to? 

– “It’s initially a major culture shock, but once you make it past the language and cultural barriers, you begin to realize that there really isn’t a difference at the core of every new place visited.”

We like to ask everybody this one… Who are your top 5 musical inspirations? Dead or alive. 

“Jay-Z; Micheal Jackson; Cee-lo Green; Outkast; [and] B.O.B. “

With 5 projects under your belt, which one was your favorite to work on and why?”

– “The Project that I am currently working on for later this year. I have more creative control with producing a lot of the songs on the project, and also these opportunities being the exact things I have always prayed to experience.”

Now we know you got a brand new project on the way, do we get any type of exclusive preview? — Name of the project, concept, estimated release date? Or do we just have to wait and see!? 

– “I have already let too much out of the goodie bag already.”

What can Soul Vybe Cutta fans (and perspective fans) look forward to from you in 2019!? 

Vyber Musiq Vol.1” is out on April 15th on our website: WWW.SOULVYBEMedia.COM.”


So there you go! A rising artist who’s just trying to make way to his fans through his music and personal revelations. Check out the exclusive releases below, and stay tuned for Vyber Musiq Vol.1 on the way!


“Misunderstood Past”





Tommie, Formerly of LHHATL, Tells The Truth In A New 34-Minute YouTube Exclusive Documentary

Whether she’s getting arrested, in the throes of battle with her Love and Hip Hop ATLcastmates or having a “calming” glass of chardonnay, millions of people have been captivated by the infamous Tommie! So, who is the woman behind numerous mugshots and viral clips? 

 This past year has been crazy for reality tv star Tommie. Truth documentary follows Tommie throughout her journey this past year as she tries to navigate through the industry as an independent artist dealing with life struggles yet maintaining a core fanbase that wants to see her win.

The documentary also shows small victories for Tommie; like meeting artist Rihanna who noticed and approached Tommie during Paris Fashion Week to give her support for Tommie’s endeavors. 

“Ya’ll gotta understand some of this,” states Tommie. She continues “ I know I’m not a perfect person but I’m trying. Im trying to find peace within myself so I can be a better role model to my young fans, a better person overall and most importantly a better mom to my girls.”

The documentary, directed by @illhd, is striking in its vibrant rawness and gritty nature. The beauty lies in the authenticity of footage showing both its subjects vulnerability and defensive strength. @illhd also directed Tommie’s music video for her single “Truth”. The video has already gained close to 300,000 views after only 4 days of its release! The video has been met with rave reviews by audiences! Many stating they “have a whole new respect for Tommie” and  that they “are rooting for her success and recovery.”

Check it out below!

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/tommiee_

HamSquad & Ghostrage Talk About Talent Being Overlooked On Soundcloud & Share Crazy Studio Stories [The Progress Report]

HamSquad is a production team based in Florida known for producing for the likes of Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, Chevy Woods, Jeff Cherry, Sonny Digital, and many others early in their careers. The production team celebrates their 10 year anniversary April 20th and will release a compilation album. 

During a conversation with Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report, Keith of HamSquad speaks on the importance of helping upcoming producers on the come up and introduces Ghostrage. 

Ghostrage is a 21 year old producer based in LA known for his work with Dice Soho, Juicy J, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Rico Nasty, and many underground artists.

“I feel like it’s a lot of talent that gets overlooked, on Soundcloud especially.” (Ghostrage)

During the interview, Ghostrage shares unique stories about Xxxtentacion and Juicy J and dropping out of college to pursue his music career. 

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