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Canibus & Marty McKay Release ‘Matrix Theory 1’ EP & New Video For “Drugs Make The World Go Around” –

Canibus & Marty McKay Release ‘Matrix Theory 1’ EP & New Video For “Drugs Make The World Go Around”

Most people are living in an illusion, blind to the evils going on around them.  For three- years socially-awake Producer & Vocalist, Marty McKay has worked with hip-hop icon Canibus to deliver a project to help break that trance and free minds.  The Matrix Theory 1 EP, which is now available at all streaming platforms, is the start of the battle.  Matrix Theory 1 is the first of a five-series EP installment from Canibus & Marty McKay, with the remaining installments arriving intermittingly throughout 2019 (purposely breaking up the knowledge being delivered into more abbreviated listens to not overwhelm the senses).

Not all music is about getting a quick hit, making money and living a lavish lifestyle.  In fact, when it comes to Canibus and his friend/collaborator. Zurich-based Vocalist/Producer Marty McKay it’s the complete opposite; they use their skills as a tool to not only entertain– but to educate. 

Matrix Theory 1 is the culmination of a lot of deep thought, contemplation and action,” commented McKay.  “It’s an honor to work with my friend Canibus and get to see how powerful he is as both a rhyme master and a person who understands the hidden secrets of how what most people think is reality, firsthand.  Most importantly, this series isn’t, business as usual, it’s a drive to change lives by waking people up.  This EP series was formulated over a three-year period and designed to shatter the false reality that keeps us trapped.”

Canibus remarked, “Matrix Theory 1 is not to be skipped over, or listened to casually.  This series is a full force effort at a mass psychic prison break.  Marty McKay is the perfect choice as a partner to take on the system of lies.”

Matrix Theory 1 EP is now available at all streaming retailers and features contributions from Chris Rivers, Rootwords and Wrekonize (of MayDay).  Today, to celebrate the EP’s release date, Bis & Marty McKay release a visual for “Drugs Make The World Go Around” which was premiered by HipHopDx.

Canibus & Marty McKay’s Matrix Theory 1 EP is now available at all streaming retailers: Matrix Theory 1 EP Fanlink:

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