Boston’s J.Lye Recaps Past Relationships on the Emotional “Let’s Talk”

Following the release of his debut album ‘Behind the Lyes‘, J. Lye follows up with his brand new video for the relationship anthem “Let’s Talk”:

The song is the 2nd single off ‘Behind the Lyes’ and J. Lye’s most personal to date. The song sees J. Lyerevisiting three past relationships that have had major impact on his life.

Boston’s J. Lye has been making noise for the past 5 years including delivering the hometown anthem “City on My Back (Boston)”:

On his new album “Behind the Lyes“, J. Lye speaks on transitioning from his younger years to manhood and how the city of Boston influenced his music and his upbringing:

‘Behind The Lyes’ is the first album i’ve ever released, and the first project i’ve released in over 5 years. This album is incredibly personal to me, and spends time touching on my transition from my younger years, to becoming the man that I am today. Sonically, the album incorporates a ton of different sounds, but blends together to make a very complete project. The first two songs released were ‘Re-Introduction’ and ‘Let’s Talk’, and a video for ‘Back On The Market’ is on the way. I’ve always strived to make music that represents me, but also represents my city of Boston, and I believe this album does just that. I hope you all enjoy it.”

The album features guest appearances from the likes of Nitty Scott, Yung Bean, Gio Dee, and more.

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