Dave B. The Prince (@DaveBTP) – “Gang Time”

Today South Central-bred rapper Dave B. the Prince releases his new single “Gang Time.” Touching on the code of the streets and the mackin’ way of life, Dave B. the Prince raps about the life he grew up experiencing in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles.

Rapping with an undying dedication since 2007, by 2018 Dave B. The Prince felt he had mastered his craft. From writing on the spot to keeping on topic, Dave had practiced everything from his melodies and pitches to his similes and conjunctions. From vocabulary to the art of understanding people and how they react. Now with a host of material recorded Dave B. the Prince is ready to release his new song, “Gang Time.”

“Gang Time, is something new and fresh and it’s something nobody has ever heard. It’s a mix between some mackin activity and some hatin activities. The person that talk about it the most not really about it. If you start it, finish it strong and if you did some shit, don’t speak about it, you ain’t gotta be nobody’s show pony.” Dave B the Prince said. “I talk a lot of gang shit on there. Thats just the code, that’s just the way of life. I’m not just for me, I’m for my people, my squad and my community. Gangs were started as a way to stand up against the police and to protect the community, so there’s some player stuff mixed in there with the Gang Time”

The song will find a home on Dave B. the Prince’s forthcoming project Death Certificate, which will be his debut project featuring approximately six new songs for the fans.

“The track is going to be on my project Death Certificate. Its my first album, but its crazy that I didn’t even realize, one of the producers on the project told me that Ice Cube’s album was called Death Certificate and it came out in ’91, the year I was born. I didn’t know it, but that matches up and its my baby. Starting off a new decade with a whole new fresh start. The EP is going to drop this Spring, I’d like to give them at least 6 songs.”

Hoping to build upon his performance at the Top Dawg Entertainment Christmas Concert, Dave B. The Prince is looking to start performing more in the coming weeks and months.

“It was beautiful for me man, it was a day to give back to the community and shout out to TDE and Hollywood and PurpleTang Media for booking the show for me. My guy Hollywood connected us and we got it done. There was a line all the way around the block and you had to bring a tour to get in. It went around several blocks and the line was still going. There were like 4-5000 people there,” Dave B. the Prince said.

Adding to his experience on stage rapping Dave B. the Prince, is well versed in the world of dance and incorporates the art form in his music.

“Dance has always been a great way for me to express my art and I feel like its a necessary tool for me when i comes to creative because I come at a song like a dancer and sometimes I come at it on some street shit or sometimes I come at it with my feelings. It gives me another aspect on my music and my dance and so its always going to be something that I always do and so I just gotta stay on it with the moves to give people what they want to see. I’ve learned that fans really do help me and the feedback that I get really helps me. Everyone got haters, but as far as the real fans that give good feedback – that feedback can motivate me to do a full album.”

Part of what separates Dave B. The Prince from his competition is admittedly the fact that he is an Albino rapper, following in the footsteps of Brother Ali and Krondon to name a few.

“I come with constant heat, but the only thing that separates me from everyone else is I don’t look like everyone else. I grew up in the hood and I’m an Albino rapper so I have already been through all the things in life that people throw my way. Really it’s just another life experience or something that I go through. I’m not a quitter and I still always came out on top not matter the obstacle,” Dave B the Prince said. “Just having to start over with the nonsense everywhere I went. There was always someone trying to test me. I never got comfortable. Everywhere I went I had to fight, and so by 7th grade nobody wanted to f*ck with me. Every new school I went to it was a start over again having to defend myself just to be me. So thats how I approach a lot of things like rapping or life in general. “


King Hot (@kinghot_1) – “We Up”

Recently West Coast rapper King Hot released his new music video for the track “We Up.” In the videothe Sick Wid It Records signee rides around the city with his friends joking around, all while a random girl dances at the spots where they post up and film. 

“This visual is called We Up – it’s just me talking my sh*t, talking my everyday life sh*t. It’s not super deep, it’s not any super meaning to it. I shot the video and wanted to do it organically. We were just jumping out rapping and doing some organic sh*t, just filming wherever we want,” King Hot said laughing. 

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Bay Area legend E-40, King Hot is actually the biological cousin of E-40 and a member of Sick Wid It Records that currently houses OMB Peezy, Nef the Pharoah, Cousin Fik, Work Dirty, Hitta Slim and affiliate G-Eazy.

“E-40 my cousin and that’s family, he my first blood cousin, needless to say he’s taught me a lot about the game,” King Hot explained. “You can have a mother f*ckin heart attack taking all this shit so serious – this rap game shit is so finicky, you just gotta really stay true to your self. Keep the laughter and keep having fun, that’s how my whole family is. All we do is just clown and joke around and shit. That’s how 40 is, that’s how the whole family is.”

Fresh off his appearance on the Sick Wid It Records compilation titled, The Year of the Pig,  King Hot looks tokeep the momentum going with his own visual for the fans. 

“Right now I’m just steady recording and working, just trying to stay consistent.  I had a single on the Sick Wid It compilation called, Bank Run. Now I’m just dropping singles and videos trying to get that buzz up,” King Hot said.

In addition to his own music, King Hot is working on developing an artist named ImNotJuly, who will be blessing fans with new music in the coming weeks and months. 

“This year I just want to release more music and come out of my box a little more. I want my visuals to just be crazy this year. I’m just trying to do some different shit and I got a new talent I’m working with named ImNotJuly,” King Hot added. 

Bay Area Rapper Westside Tut New Single “Big Boy Money” (Ft. Tee Grizzley)

Recently Bay Area bred rapper Westside Tut released a funky West-Coast flavored single titled, “Big Boy Money” ft. Tee Grizzley. The track is produced by his longtime collaborator Juce and features a fluid hook over production highlighted by a classic G-Funk lead that would make DJ Quik proud. 

Combined with an official verse from Tee Grizzley this song has the pedigree to build a solid foundation online for Westside Tut who is already doing significant numbers on Spotifywith playlists and monthly listeners.  When asked about how the song came together,  Westside Tut said he connected with the Detroit bred rapper when Tee Grizzley was doing a show in the Bay. 

“When he first started poppin I tapped in with him and he gave me his price. Then I saw he had a show coming in town and so I DM’d him and we actually met up in Berkeley to get it done. We met up in the studio and I kept the verse and just held onto it. A while later I went through some beats from my guy Juce and then I got back in contact with Tee Grizzley’s management to get the song cleared.  After adding the verse to the right beat from Juce, it was perfect.”

While Westside Tut has been able to find great success in with his music having tour with the likes of E-40, he also faced great tragedy amidst his rise as a rapper.  After losing his dad to cancer and his brother to gun violence in the same week, perseverance and family became his focus, even naming his label Family Business Music. That experience gave Tut the will power to never give up, something he hopes his fans learn via the popular themes throughout his music. 

“In a nutshell my music just deals with the pain coming from losing my dad and my brother in the same week. My Dad died from cancer, then my brother died after the club got shot up while we were just trying to blow off some steam recovering from losing our Dad.  A year after my dad died, I had my son on the same day as my dad died and ever since then it’s been a motivation to move forward from the bad situation to keep going upward.  To have somebody dependent on me is a big motivation to keep going and to be a strong man. Music is my motivation and it helps me just work through the bad situations and find clarity,” Westside Tut said. “My message is to never stop – overcome the bad situations.  Everyone around you might be doing something different, but you can still be you. We decide what we do, our surroundings and environment don’t decide what we do.”

While the title of Tut’s album is still in the works, Westside Tut does has plans to put out more music videos in support of his music in the coming weeks. 

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“This year I’m really focused on putting out more videos – I’m working on those and I’m dropping a project sometime soon. I’m working on a theme for the album so it doesn’t just sound like a bunch of random stuff but I’m recording every day in the house.  I have a story to tell and I have a method to where you can really listen to it like a book and go through every song and learn something about yourself through me,” Westside Tut said. “The album is not set in stone, but I’m still playing with the words and the title without doing something that’s been used 1,000 times. It don’t matter where you came from it’s about where you’re going to. If you got a sibling or a brother and you see them making the same mistakes you’ve made, or you can tell them the story before the outcome, then that’s the purpose of my music. You might be going through the same things I’m going through and you can just listen and grow from the music.”

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Kalan.FrFr Hosts Sold Show at The Novo in Los Angeles

Last month on February 22nd Kalan.FrFr sold out The Novo in in downtown Los Angeles hosting a show filled with energy, and excitement from beginning to end. 

With the crowd rapping and singing his lyrics word for word, Kalan.FrFr  and his First Class Entertainment label are helping set the tone for a new era on the West Coast.  

Joining Kalan.FrFr on the stage, were a host of his friends and comtemporaries including 1takejay, Rucci, RJ, Bino, Blast, Azjah, Conrad, Shordie Shordie and G Perico.

Kalan.FrFr has been heating up the streets ever since he retired from football in 2016 and put his focus back into music.   

Led by his breakout songs “Fine Ass,” the remix to “Right Wit It” ft YG“Hot & Ready,” and his new song with Faygo Jones called “Orange Pineapple Fanta,” Kalan.FrFr has been releasing hit-after-hit for fans young and old. Most recently he joined 1TakeJay in the video for their song “Baby”

South Central Based Rapper P1 New Video For “Street N****s”

Recently South Central based rapper P1 released the music video for his infectious record titled, “Street N****s.”  Raised on the East side of South Central, rapper P1 grew up in an environment where Hip-Hop culture was a part of everyday home life with a father who was a rapper that built his own home studio. To simplify, P1’s childhood was spent watching his father rap. Like father, like-son, P1 is now following in his father’s footsteps with a career of his own.

“Street Ni***s” is a song that I like because when I first started rapping I was doing more energy based songs. Recently I had been doing more singing tracks but I heard the beat and my guy Sean Brown did the beat and we just basically made a hit. I like the flavor of that song and it has a Mexican theme to it. So that was a plus to it as well.”

Molded by his dad’s passions for Hip-Hop that eventually shaped and became his own passions, P1 says his music is a spin off his father’s take on the craft with a few adjustments. 

“Me and my Dad are best friends but we both have different opinions of how things should go. He’s been in the industry for cool minute and we don’t always see eye to eye on stuff that works in today’s game of music. But as far as tips and guidance on the more creative side that’s my best friend and that like my go to when I need an opinion on literally anything.  He’s has kept a studio in the house since birth, so he’s the reason for everything and he basically trained all of us to do the things that he was doing. So basically everything I’m doing now is what he was doing with the same flavor and its basically a spin off of what he was doing.”

Having worked with artists like Roddy Ricch in the past, P1 knows that his time and is coming as long as he continues to produce the best content he can, so long as he remains the same. 

“I was supposed to go out to one of Roddy’s shows recently, but I was shooting this video so I couldn’t go out there that day. I knew him already before he blew up but we always remained the same, so I really respect him for that,” P1 explained. 

Going forward P1 plans to continues his push with Treacherous Records based out of LA with a stream of records coming this Summer. 

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Dallas Rapper Fat Yunginn Signs with Cash Money Records

Today Dallas, Texas rapper Fat Yunginn and Cash Money Records are happy to announce the Pleasant Grove rapper’s signing to their iconic rap label. Pictured above with Birdman and Ronald Slim” Williams, this young upstart has officially inked a deal with one of the most iconic Hip-Hop/Rap labels in the history of music. 

First getting notoriety for his song “Sack Up” in 2016, Fat Yunginn says he always wanted to sign with Cash Money Records and that it’s a “perfect match.”

“I grew up off Cash Money, I grew up listening to them. I ain’t gonna lie I always wanted to be on Cash Money and I always wanted to sign with them. I don’t really go off what other people say or what they do and say about Cash Money. Birdman came up talking about he was the #1 Stunna and if you listen to my flow you can hear my ooh flow fits with this brand. Sack Season / Cash Money Records. It’s a perfect match.”

Raised in Dallas’ Pleasant Grove, Fat Yunginn drew inspiration from his father’s passing and from there began to take off on the strip club scene in Dallas. 

“I’m from Dallas Texas, from a hood out there called Pleasant Grove. I started doing music once my Pops passed away and I just took to music and it was just going up from there. Once I dropped Sack Up it went crazy in the strip clubs and so after that I started taking it more seriously. One night I went in the strip club and tipped a couple of females and this big DJ in Dallas named DJ Hit That began spinning it.  It took off from there and I did my first paid show off that song,” Fat Yunginn said.   “As far as Dallas and the surrounding areas I was able to perform Sack Up out there and I was able to build up my brand. We’re called Sack Season Ent, but we call ourselves Sack Babies. Anything that has to do with a sack of money we about that. Thats basically how they know me around here.”

Going forward Fat Younginn is preparing for the release of his next single called, “Show My Ass” featuring fellow Dallas rapper Yella Beezy.

“I got another song called Show My Ass thats another club banger with Yella Beezy and we gonna release that one through Cash Money. I got the visual for my next track, it’s just to get my sound out there a little more and my ooh flow. Its my ad lib you can hear in a lot of my songs. Then I have another with Rylo Rodriguez and another one with Euro Gotti. I got a lot of unreleased music I can’t wait for the fans to hear it,” he added.  “I can get in there and start from scratch, the ooo flow, I have fun in the studio. When I came up with the ooh flow I was just playing around people have just been gravitating towards it.”

Selfmade Shark – “Everything Blue”

Recently Louisiana based rapper Selfmade Shark dropped the new audio for his song, “Everything Blue” which will be featured on his upcoming project, Tough Love set for release this Spring. Scheduled to be released via his Las Vegas, NV based wae. Entertainment, Shark is gearing up to release a gang of content for the fans who have been patiently waiting.

“The project is called Tough Love because its like all the sh*t that come with the success and popularity of being a rapper.  I’m on the roads to riches and people try to pull you down and they don’t know how to show you love where I’m from in BR. I’m not gonna hold it against them, thats they way of showing love and it makes you a better man. I like when fans want to pick the single – I got a song called “Everything Blue,” the song ain’t really on no colors shit, but I have some fans that love that song,” Selfmade Shark said.

Based in Baton Rouge, but frequenting his home base of Las Vegas where his label wae. Entertainment is based, Selfmade Shark is currently filming more content to build the buzz on his YouTube channel.  In addition he is preparing to drop his new project and music videos in support of his work with Kevin Gates, who he recently recorded a  set of songs with while in Los Angeles. 

“I’m originally from New Orleans, but I grew up in Baton Rouge and moved to Baton Rouge in 2003. We had started a group in South Baton Rouge and the news tried to make it like we were a gang, but that wasn’t it we were focused on music. I been rapping ever since then, but I didn’t really take it seriously until 2015 after a friend of mine had got killed when I was in jail.  When I came home, I kind of just dedicated my life to it,” Selfmade Shark said. 

Initially, Selfmade Shark got the attention of wae. Records growing his buzz in the streets and getting the attention of the local news station for his reported involvement in a gang. While The buzz in the streets was more musically based, his hype eventually led to collaborations with Kevin Gates and other prominent local rappers.  Now “Shark”  as his team calls him, has been catapulted to another level in a partnership with wae. Entertainment where Selfmade Shark maintains his creative control and is able to release all of his music in the best way possible. 

“I do a lot of storytelling, I don’t really make the dance songs, and even thought I said I would make a dance song for people to move to, I like to talk more on real life situations more-so connect with people – they feel that more.”

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$toney – Stoney’s World 2

Recently 412 representer $toney continues the push of his recently released sequel project titled, $toney’s World Vol. 2. Emblazoned with 13 new tracks and features from Shooter Duff, Doe Boy, Ligiee, Fedd the God, Pk Delay and Jkj it’s clear $toney is ready to put the “Steel City” on his back once again.

“I was really just aiming for something that is high energy and that is really charismatic that you can really play every track, like this an album to be played front to back and it doesn’t miss a step or drop off. My goal was to really create a cohesive project where you never know what your favorite song might be,” $toney said.

Fresh off a nationwide tour with Asian Da Brat formerly known as Asian Doll that hit over 20 cities, $toney gained a host of fans across the country as the opening act on packed tour. From the fan favorites like “2 Phones” and “Counterfeit,” from his project Blood on My Heart to his most recent singles like “Blow It” and “BRB,” the crowds reaction to his music was priceless as he put that understanding of the fan’s reactions into his new music.

“The $toney sound definitely has trap elements to it, I just want to be entertaining and I really thought a lot about how these songs translate on stage by just keeping the performance aspect in mind when I record,” $toney added. “With this project different people like different songs, I thought it was really cool to see the reaction by the fans and knowing the songs they gravitated towards. Some like the intro, some like the end of the project, there’s something on there for everyone.”

Featuring a detailed, cloudy-smoked out cartoon drawing for the Stoney’s World Vol. 2 album art, $toney even went as far as to include his pet dog floating through the air on cloud of smoke.

“The artwork is the reason why the project got pushed back, but this is the quality I was looking for. I really wanted to give the fans something entertaining, but I wanted to do that by giving them something that reflects who I am and represents what Stoney’s world could be to someone on the outside. It’s got my puppy, the weed and a few small things that make me unique,”  $toney said.

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Mexcco – ‘TrapBoy’ ft. Slim 400, Young Drumma Boy, Swifty Blue [Video]

Recently San Pedro, California bred rapper MEXCCO released his project TRAPBOY, with heavy production from longtime collaborator and friend NIKEBOY. Anointing Valentines Day as a trap holiday for everyone from loving couples and the most rugged of individuals in the streets, MEXCCO continues his onslaught of musical and visual releases over the past few months. 

“TRAPBOY is a Valentines Day release with my friend NIKEBOY, we got some other producers on there but he did most of the tracks. SWIFTY BLUE, DRUMMER BOY my guys SIETE and SLIM 400 are also featured on the project, so there’s a lot of energy on there for the fans.  A lot of NIKEBOY stuff been going up and I put a lot of energy into this. This is a lot of trap shit, that’s our main focus right now.” MEXCCO explained.  “There’s a difference between lying about it and really doing it, but there’s a way to going about it.”

The chemistry with NIKEBOY and MEXCCO is undeniable on this project as the two join forces for another West Coast slapper for the fans. 

“He knows exactly what I want, it’s straight to the source. Once I hear the beat for 5 seconds I know that we gonna work on that song. We met after I found out about him a long time ago finding through my boy Swish. I always had him in my email, but I was in the studio and him and Cypress, we did a beat and I sent it to my boy Spike. Ever since I did the song TrapStar we been locked in.”

In addition to his work with with NIKEBOYMEXCCO has released several visuals from the project. Says MEXCCO, “I just recently dropped the video for No Tellin and it’s on the tape. I’m dropping another one called, Ticket. Those are the songs that people were buying on pre-order so we’ll see what else the fans like.”

Growing up in San Pedro adjacent to Long Beach, MEXCCO has always been tied into the culture of Hispanics and Mexico, hence his name. 

“I do it for all cultures. It’s not about the race but a lot of Mexicans are known as hustlers and go getters. Trapping isn’t just about rap and selling drugs. Once you a hustler and you make it out and you are successful, it’s all because of your hustle.” MEXCCO said. “It’s like one of them things where people don’t even know what I am. They might think I’m mixed or something but that doesn’t matter – it’s just one of those relate type things. A lot of my rap friends and the people I work with are Hispanic. I got a wave going and they rocking with me and I fuck with them heavy. I grew up in LA I grew up around the culture. I’m knee deep in this sh*t.”

Atlanta Based Rapper Surf Drops “Searching” Feat. Kapwani

Recently Atlanta based rapper Surf released his newest song, “Searching.” Pulling on the heartstrings of love, Surf delves deep into the listeners emotions with his newest single examining the feelings that surround an individual’s self-esteem in a relationship. 

In this case, Surf gives us a candid take on one of his own relationships that taught him about himself on the quest to find “self-love.

Searching is a self-love song,” Surf explained. “Throughout the lyrics I’m asking my significant other, ‘What it is that she’s searching for in me so I can be the best person for her?’ I don’t want to do anything but to be perfect and deserving of her love after being the person to break her heart. My last breakup taught me more about myself and about values I hadn’t paid much attention to in relationships. This song is based on a true experience that I feel many men go through and don’t expose enough so this is a really personal track for me.”  

The single comes on the heels of Surf’s critically acclaimed and highly touted project BADDER HUMAN, that featured the popular hit single, “Better Days.” The project was the sequel and follow up to his 2018 project BAD HUMAN and has since garnered over 5 million plays collectively on all the DSP’s.

When asked about his recent success, Surf said it was, “a surreal feeling” and that he’s received the support of his family and friends throughout the process of his growth as an artist. 

“My recent success as an artist is a surreal feeling. There’s something new in my notifications everyday, my parents and family are proud. My numbers are growing in ways I had no idea they would. I’m thankful for all the little wins because the fan support keeps me going. At times I still feel like I don’t know what’s going on, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Continuing to develop his live show, Surf has been focused on the performance aspect of his career by developing his fan base in the SouthEast with spot dates and performances.

Last year  Surf performed at Atlanta’s GridLife Festival that also featured the likes of Flosstradamus, Soulja Boy, Twista and Xavier Wulf. With the release of BADDER HUMAN, and his newest single, “Searching,”Surf is quickly building the momentum as he gears up for a host of local spot dates this Spring.

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