Australian Dark Pop/R&B singer songwriter Emmaline debuts her EP titled ‘Save Me’ & Visual

Australian Dark Pop/R&B singer songwriter Emmaline debuts her EP titled Save Me.

Currently living in Atlanta Georgia, the Aussie songstress delivers three new tracks with rich harmonies and thought provoking lyrics, delivering an original overall sound that is both sweet and brooding.

The title track Save Me officially releases today September 10thwith a visual directed and edited by TDF Media Group Jason Little.

All tracks are produced by It’s A Klassik and Nathan Mathis as co-producer on Where Do I Begin. Engineered and Mastered by Gee Streets.

All photos by Edwin Lynn.

Quotes: ‘Save Me was really me writing a song to myself to self heal without really realizing it at the time. I knew I had to get myself together and rescue myself from my own thoughts. Self-doubt is a dream killer and I really was doubting a lot of things at the time. This song is me attempting to pull myself out of this negative frame of mind that I had at the time that was just not conducive to anything positive musically.’

Where Do I Begin came next and is an extension of Save Me to be honest. I had been listening to Massive Attack and some old trip hop stuff and really vibed to the beat the guys sent me. The song came really fast.’

Lose Youis like the first real love song I’ve ever put out. I don’t tend to really go there like that. It was a moment in time for me. A glimpse of something that was like a new situation that was completely unrealistic but it inspired me none the less.’

Quote: ‘Jason and I shot this video in around two hours one Sunday afternoon. We had the vision of what we wanted to shoot, but when we tried to find the lake we wanted to originally shoot in, a lady walking by told us it probably had leeches in it. That changed everything. I definitely wasn’t up for finding out if it did or not. So then we drove around madly calling friends trying to find a lake in Atlanta before we lost the light. Eventually we found a spot that wasn’t exactly for public use and took our chances. It worked out in the end.”

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